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Thread: Any *B/DLs in Washington/Oregon?

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    Default Any *B/DLs in Washington/Oregon?

    If so, then hi! To be specific, i live in Vancouver, next to Portland.

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    You should probably establish a better reputation before asking if others are around you

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    I used to live in the Seattle area. Lived there for like ten years. What a beautiful place to live. But yeah I agree with Pojo :/

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    I really wouldn't recommend a thread like this without a reputable presence here. I'm only telling you cause your going to get flamed in about a day on the subject

    Does this forum need a "Meetings" section, or is that too DailyDiapers?

    Answer is no...

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    I live in Portland...

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    Really? Sweet ^_^ too bad theres a big age gap between us. Have you met any *B/DLs in your area yet?

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    Yeah I've met plenty. Look @ your other thread

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    I'm actually... nowhere near there - clear across the country actually. Not to be rude or anything but since when did Adisc become a hookup site? It's been my feeling that what separates us from the other sites is that we are a community of members of all ages from all around the globe. It seems like the guiding principal of this community is exactly that - community, and that's what makes it great. I'm thankful that here I don't run into the less than savory characters that inhabit a number of the other sites.

    As for meeting up with other people, I gotta say this:

    1. If the you or another member is under 18, don't even think about! That's just not safe, and wrong on so many other levels too. I am not accusing anyone of this, I just felt I had to say it.
    2. Let's keep it out of the forums. If a person want's to meet up with someone else, chances are if both members are well established on the forum, then each would likely know if that member is nearby geographically speaking and if a meet might be in the best interest of both parties involved. I will say this to put it in perspective. None of the members here have ever met me, though I'll venture to guess that a good number of the regulars and VIP's know quite a bit about me.

    I am not intending to flame anyone here and I have nothing against the question being discussed, it's just my feeling that there are certain customs here and I figured I needed to express what I think they are. On another note, if what I already wrote is already listed, then forget what I just said. And if you disagree, that's cool too.

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    God, we really need to sort something out. This is the second thread i have seen in two days, new people asking if anyone are near them.

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