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Thread: My way to deal with my incontinence

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    Default My way to deal with my incontinence

    I deal with my dysfunctional incontinence by "redo it" to a diaper fetish and learn to enjoy those occasions on the the days when I drowns the diapers completely. Dysfunctional stressincontinens come without warning, anytime, anywhere, which means I drowns the diapers 20 to 40 times in a single day, but I get much more enjoyment out of the day if I did not care about it and incontinence becomes easier to accept and live with if you do like this.

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    Your body can only expel the same amount of fluid that you consume. If you are "drowning" diapers 20-40 times a day you are drinking excessively, possibly at a level that is causing severe harm to your body. Limit your fluid intake to 4 pints a day, maximum.

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    willkommen, disposable!

    i can tell that a computer translated your post :-)

    thank you for sharing!

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