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Thread: What is more absorbant?

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    Default What is more absorbant?

    As a stuffer what is more absorbant pampers baby dry or goodnites?

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    i do not know.. you would need to do an experiment.


    1x of each nappie

    1x glass, id reccomend a 250ml


    Place each nappie side by side and pour one glass at a time on each waiting 20 - 30 secs between wetings.

    Which ever one leaks first looses,

    Job done

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    Just tried the Pampers as a stuffer for the first time last night and wow! I am amazed at how much they absorbed before leaking. I would venture a guess that they absorb faster than Goodnights but total capacity, I think, is lower.

    After cutting the grass on a hot day I've jumped into my pool clothed with a goodnight on and they can absorb a ton. But personally, I think I like the feel of the pampers a bit better.

    Thanks for the post, as it got me to try these out!

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