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    Ok folks. Due to a some what high demand in people looking information on dummies, I shall do an in depth look at the little devices that cause havoc in our minds. For the purpose of this, I will be calling them dummies. I'm used to that word unlike pacifiers. If anyone has any additional comments or feedback they want included feel free to comment. If this is good enough and the right people glance over it, can it be moved to the article section so everyone can read it?

    Background On Dummies:

    Dummies are little devices that are made up from a teat, a shield and sometimes a handle. They are often produced to help sooth a baby. The teat is symbolic to a mothers breast, alongside a bottle teat too. To the baby, having and using a dummy reminds them of the natural thing, which is sucking on their mums breast whether for milk or comfort. However, if a baby was to receive a breast instead of a dummy every time they were cranky or were hungry, there would be a lot of women out there with sore breasts. It can be seen as an emotional attachment to a woman through using a dummy. Most parents nowadays give their child a pacifier to help relax them without the need of them being by their side all the time. However a lot of people have been criticised for using dummies because a small minority of people view the dummy as a tool to "shut the baby up" more to speak, however it isn't meant to be viewed in that light. They come in various shapes and sizes and are generally quite cheap to buy.

    Adults Using Dummies:

    A lot of adults still commonly use dummies for various reasons. Whether it be they never broke the habit, or they just want something to relax them. A lot of adult baby's use dummies whenever they can however use may be restricted due to the private nature of their AB side. Based on the logic on the use of a dummy, the adult baby would use a dummy to try and find that emotional attachment to their mum that they had/didn't have. By doing this, it relaxes them and they more than likely just want to hugged and comforted by this authority figure. Although, that would be based upon logic, as I said previously, many use them for other reasons too, such as oral fixation.

    Oral Fixation:

    It all begins when an infant has entered the first stage, the oral stage, which is usually between 0-21 months. This is when the oral part of the body is the most sensitive and pleasurable for the infant. With being fed either from the bottle or nipple, or sucking on a dummy, it heightens the pleasure and comfort of the child. Many children grow out of this stage early on and move onto the other stages however, in many people, the feelings were that good you never put it to rest. This is the point at which thumb sucking may come into play. Usually whenever a dummy is removed from a child, they tend to miss that satisfaction and that leads to their thumb being used as a replacement but then again, some people mightened use their thumb. It all depends on the state of mind in which that person is in. Moving up through the years, the urges come and go and you satisfy the needs by bitting your nails, smoking, chewing on gum a lot, bitting pen lids, bitting pencils to name a few. You might just think to yourself you are hungry or anxious, however this refers me back to the start of this paragraph, you want comfort, you want food and what do infants do? Well, they suck on their mums breast or bottle for food or suck on their dummy for comfort. As an adult, using a dummy will fulfil the oral fixation you desire as it fits perfectly with the background on oral fixation and/or the fact that you want to incorporate it into being a baby again. It all relates to wanting comfort. Whether or not it can be cured, i am unsure, however it is not a bad condition to have. So, to sum this up, oral fixation is what a person gets whenever they get satisfaction or pleasure from having things in their mouth.


    A lot of you are aware that dentists always tell parents to get rid of the dummies before their adult teeth come through. Ill split this into two sections to make it easy to understand. When the baby teeth are gone and the adult teeth are starting to come down, having something constantly in the mouth will block the pathway of the adult teeth and thus they won't fully develop. Imagine a bridge. That would be the shape of the teeth. There would be a hole in the middle two front teeth (where the dummy usually sits). Now, if a child was sucking on the dummy alot, imagine those teeth beginning to wobble back and fourth, since they are not fully set. They will overtime become misaligned. However, in regards to an adult using a dummy, the same can happen to them. Although their adult teeth have already fully formed, they can still be moved. A lot of people assume, once the adult teeth have formed and set they won't move. Correction, they can. Look at it this way. Adults get braces as well as teenagers. Adults can get braces at any age in life. Their teeth still move, don't they? The braces apply pressure to the teeth to get them to move. Now think of it this way. If you are using a dummy alot, you are putting pressure on your teeth. They can shift because of the pressure, just like braces can do to your teeth. Of course, the length of time and the actual results will depend upon various factors and from person to person such as, the length of time you have used the dumy, the length of time you use the dummy in one session, the amount of sucking force you apply and many more. All these can over time lead to your teeth being shifted. Albeit, it may only be a gradual change every so often however it will still happen depending upon the factors listed above.


    Yes, lips, those two red coloured things which help stop you drooling over yourself or to keep your food in your mouth. As a child, these were underdeveloped and you spilt food everywhere and also because you had no teeth. However, regular use of a dummy or a bottle will also miss-shapen the lips and will cause the lip seal to get weaker. As adults using dummies, using a dummy constantly will eventually lead to your lip seal being weakened. This is because the dummy is in your mouth alot. The lips will form a seal around the dummy while sucking. Repetitiveness of this will cause the lips to take that shape and will allow small holes to appear between your lips. This lip seal has now been weakened and you will start to notice that you dribble small amounts when not focusing on keeping it back or using your natural instinct of swallowing it. Again, this will vary from person to person and will also be caused by various factors depending on the person.


    Dummies are designed to be sucked upon. The mouth is one of the most sensitive areas of the body however it might not be so sensual if you have a mouth ulser or a cold sore. It is important to regularly clean dummies. You may have seen children's dummies on the ground and the parent lifting it up, cleaning it with their mouth and putting it back into the child's mouth. Although people may think this is disgusting, it is actually good for the baby. The reason being is because it builds up the child's immune system. However, as an adult I would recommend that you clean them every so often. You don't need to sterilise them, like many baby dummies are cleaned, however, just a gentle rub under warm water would do the trick. If you use boiling water it will degrade the silicone or latex quicker. It is also important to clean the shield also, something that is commonly forgot about. It is important to do this to avoid such things like getting "a dummy rash". This is caused by the bacteria from your saliva rubbing on your face constantly. If you keep the shield clean, and keep your face dry then you shouldn't have any problems.


    Many adults who use dummies, tend to sleep with them too. The reasons vary from person to person, however the major reason would be that it helps the person sleep. To a new person using dummies while sleeping, they will find it uncomfortable and will find they will have a disturbed sleep. This is because they are not used to having a dummy in their mouth or anything in their mouth for that matter. It will take practice to get used to sleeping with one again. The adult who is beginning to sleep with a dummy may develop teeth pain, jaw pain, ear aches, head aches and feeling sleepy due to the disturbed sleep. This is all natural and will eventually go away once you are used to it. It would be advised to take a few naps to get used to sleeping with a dummy, so that it doesnt interfere with your main sleep at night. Once you have accomplished this you can move onto night time sleeping. Alot of adult babies who use dummies sometimes complain because the dummy doesn't stay in all night and they wake up with it missing. A dummy is there to help you get to sleep. Once you are sleeping it may fall out. This may be because you have turned or it has slipped out by itself. Even children who use dummies, don't keep them in all night. They fall out too sometimes. It is not recommended to tie the dummy to your face so it stays in. If you need to breath through your mouth at night then prepare to be awoken by your body's reaction to suffocation. Instead, put your dummy on a dummy clip and clip it to your pjs or pillow. It will help keep the dummy in but let it fall out if needsbe. Of course, sizing can help in whether a dummy will stay in all night or not. View the dummy article for a detailed in depth look on dummy sizes. Finally, expect to drool when you sleep. Your mouth is being proped open. It will be natural for you to drool as it will escape because your mouth isn't closed.


    Dummies, if used for a long enough period can be addictive. Although the warning doesn't come on the packaging, it happens in homes up and down the country in all different parts of the world. A child uses a dummy as a comforter. Adults use them as a comforter too amongst many other things such as cigarettes, alcohol etc. So from that you can see that dummies can be compared to comforters that adults use. Back on track, adults can easily get addicted to dummies. It's the same with anything really. If an adult cuts the grass at the same time every day and does this for a year or two they will have subconsciously got themselves into a routine of doing it. They won't even think about it but will just do it. It's the same with a dummy. If an adult just uses one all the time they will get used to it and will miss it and crave it. Also, if an adult begins to use the dummy to sleep with at night and do so for a length of period, they will have encorporated it into their routine and if they don't have a dummy to sleep with at night they won't be able to sleep properly. This is signs of an addiction. Of course, again, this will vary from person to person and other factors too such as how long it is used for etc.

    Well, that about sums up all my knowledge on dummies and I hope you all enjoyed reading it and learnt something new. Again,
    If you want anything added or want to express your views and opinions, please feel free to comment.

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    This is a very good post of surveying some of the common questions asked on pacifier usage. To say though some of the "myths" here are "busted" is a bit of a stretch.

    The "Oral Fixation" theory is an old one of Freud's and has been heavily disputed over the century. The study Duration of Breast-feeding and the Incidence of Smoking (Newman 2003) found no correlation. Pacifier usage would be covered under this study as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by FlightSimPro
    A lot of adults still commonly use dummies for various reasons. Whether it be they never broke the habit, or they just want something to relax them.
    Do you mean adult babies (AB's) or adults?. Pacifier usage by adults isn't commonly reported, and most of the anecdotal evidence we hear of this is from the perspective of adult babies, not adults who use pacifiers. I've scoured databases for case studies or mentions of adults using pacifiers commonly and there's virtually nothing besides the snoring related one (sorry to say, there are other devices available that most would instead use). So to say this is common is a bit of stretch to me. It is about as uncommon as adult-thumb sucking.

    My other criticisms stem from these two points.

    If judging these comments here is any indication, the behavior for these adults is more mixed among negative and positive. (Replace thumb-sucking with "pacifier sucking")

    My sister sucked her thumb till she was 14 for similar reasons. She quit though after braces because it screwed up her teeth to such an extent. Never seen her do so since. I had a pacifier on me at all times to I believe almost 4. The habit was broken for me early and I've never had to turn to it as a stress aid, thankfully. There's nothing wrong with it for most people, but if I personally needed my pacifier to this day (and in public) it wouldn't be good. There's obviously a very important conversation to be had what constitutes healthy stress relieving actions/habits.
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    Yes, I meant adult baby's and not just adults.

    In regards to the oral fixation, yes it has been disputed over the centuries indeed and there is always two sides to every argument so I guess no one really knows about his theory however in my opinion it seems to be true.

    Title has also been changed.

    Thanks paciloverbaby3.


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    I've also heard dummies used by people who grind their teeth in their sleep, as an alternative to a mouth guard.

    At least that's one of my excuses if I forget it on the night table and someone asks. :P
    (That, and I do actually grind my teeth...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyFoxDK View Post
    I've also heard dummies used by people who grind their teeth in their sleep, as an alternative to a mouth guard.

    At least that's one of my excuses if I forget it on the night table and someone asks. :P
    (That, and I do actually grind my teeth...)
    They're also used by people who are chronic users of Ecstasy, mainly due to the use of them in scenes of raves and all that.

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    I also liked the article, thank's.
    Regarding mowing the lawn, I prefer to be addicted to my pacifiers... (I am pacifier-dependant at least during the night, will see when I retire if it is 24/7...).

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    Me thinks somebody sucks their paci too much. Most of these problems will not happen unless someone is vigorously sucking their paci 24/7.

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