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Thread: what does your mommy do for you?

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    Question what does your mommy do for you?

    So in the time i've been here i've noticed that a lot of ABs here dont have mommy. Which is very sad becuase everybaby needs a mommy. But this is a question for the ones that do. I have a mommy and im sure ill tell you guys the story one, its so fariy tale.
    she loves me so much and accepts a lot of things about me. Like the fact she cant take me to a lot ofnew restaurants becuase it will take me 20 it deside what i want. So she has picked up the habit of ordering for me. And i dont mind at all. She also has set this cool sticker chart chart and i get stickers for being good and helping mommy when i can. This way as i build up stickers and earn toys and other baby thing i really like this.

    So my qeustion is for the mommys boys and daddys girls but if your a AB parent feel free to put you two cents in.

    What are somethings that your mommy or daddy do for you that make you feel loved and taken care of?

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    Hey there little one well i don't have a full time mummy but i do go to a AB nursery time to time going in to weeks or so from now to stay for the night and a day i'm so excited. Well when i'm there i will have a sleep in the cot/crib and will play with lots of soft toys coloring and will have lunch in the big high chair the mummy that runs it is very nice she will read to me give me hugs and change me when i need it. but the best part is just the feeling safe and snug in my onesie and my binky. I will take MOO MOO he's my soft toy. it would be nice to have a full time mummy or daddy but they are hard to come by. i have made one friend from the AB nursery we chat some times to. nice post little one big hugs little leo

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    Wiat hold the paci.... you mean to tell me that their are actuall AB nursery. Were and how can i be a part of this. Just the thought of being around other AB is enough to make me bounce on my pull up oh i cant wait to tell my mommy. Please tell me more little leo.
    And heres a really big hug to little leo from little theo

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    Arr thanks for the hug feel all nice and cuddly now. They are around you just need to look in the right place it has taken a long time for me to find the right one. Some of them are invite only but not this one this one is very cool and relaxed about things the guy that helps there is a AB to. I have been there ones and there was 3 ABs it was kind of like a open day it was fun tho i was a little shy but i got over it some days i would go there just to have a chat that was cool but now i have to drive a long way about 3 to 4 hours this will be the 1st time going to the new place they have and it will be nice to get away from my home town. So yes they are out there you just have to look as the saying go,s those who seek shall find. Its all about finding the right one for you and your needs. hope this help't if you want any more info i will be more then happy to PM you as i don't want to take up you post. super hugs theo from little leo

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    No its fine leo this is why i came onthis site to learnmore about the community. So how would i go about looking. Howdid you start. Do i look on google or are there some things on the site that can help? I live in Indiana just so you know.


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    Man, I wish there was a nursery around me. That would be so much fun. I've never been to a nursery or had a mommy.

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    the nanny that littleleo talks about is nursery times that was in portsmouth but have moved to north wales. nanny is Maxine and derick is her partner. they featured on ch4 thing about AB. I have posted and bloged about my visits. the truth is haveing visited going solo with nappies ect is very dull.

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    well.. i dont have a mummy involved in my AB stuff, but my REAL mum still makes my lunch in the morning when i go to uni, and i'm 19 years old

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    Why are mommys so hard to come by? My mommy never even knew an AB was a thing. But she said she would try it and now she loves it and even wear diapers herself sometimes.
    I wish people were more understanding every baby deserves a mommy.

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    Ask not what your mommy can do for you, ask what you can do for your mommy!

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