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    So every once and a while i will wet the bed. I dont want to have to deal with the wet sheets and the clean up i rather just wear diapers. the problem is that i want to tell my mom but i dont know how to go abouts it. i can buy diapers online and wear them overnight due to the high risk of her seeing them. i much rather just tell her i wet the bed and have her buy some diapers with me. I would like some help with how to go abouts telling her i wet the bed.

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    Bedwetting is a medical condition with various causes. Whatever it is that causes you to occasionally wet your bed, as long as it's just once in a while, it won't hurt. Talk to your mother and tell her just what you said: you don't like to wake up and have to deal with wet sheets. Propose to wear a diaper when you sleep so your matress won't get damaged and your sheets won't have to be washed.
    Make an appointment with her that you will see a doctor and look into your bedwetting should the frequency of your nightly accidents increase.

    You see? Nothing weird about this, perfectly normal. I don't know your age, but I do know that bedwetting is a problem for people of any and all ages. As long as you show your mother that you take your own hygiene, personal possessions and health into account and that you are serious about this, her only decent reaction would be to at least go along with the appointment I proposed above.
    I don't know about whether or how much you like diapers, but you do not need to mention anything about that. It might come up later, but in this context, it probably won't.

    I wish ye good luck.

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