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Thread: Buying Diapers in Europe

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    Hey all - i'm looking for the best online European diaper supplies sites...where are your go to places?

    I usually use airoliver from Germany for Tena & Abena's but i'm wondering if there is anywhere that is distributing SDK or Bambino's.

    I know Fabines out of buntewindle and also I found ABDL factory which was super expensive...

    any thoughts or tips?

    oh - i should mention I'm in Spain


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    Well I'm not into *that* kind of hyper expensive "premium" diapers (bambinos, fabines,...) and I certainly don't know what SDK is??

    But airoliver / Save ( is one of the largest & cheapest suppliers of all kind of IC supplies (even has a number of ab related items (printed diapers), but I don't care for those so, I can't comment)
    That store ships europe-wide (I guess world wide as well)... but depending on where you live there are a number of competitive Incontinence Product Online stores... but as far as I am concerned most only cater to the need of the Incontinent (which is fine with me, as well I'm IC) - and certainly don't carry stuff like bambino's or other printed diapers.

    Although I yet have to find a single cheaper store than airoliver/save... it's pretty much the lowest prices on the net at least within europe.

    In germany there's Inkodirekt - the webshop is "ok" (but it's oddly sorted by SIZE rather than by brand)... but the prices are good too and they've got quite a few things.

    In switzerland there's "cosanum" - but they're only "cheap" if you buy in Bulk quantities (several boxes,.. then it actually becomes competitive).
    Then there's have a broad range of products.
    or (they "only" have attends stuff... but reasonably priced).

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