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    what does it mean to regress? I have been wearing alone for the better part of a month now... but only when wearing cannot affect my outside life. I have begun to wonder if this is an indicator of regression?
    I have been sleeping with a plush every night as well, and occasionally sucking on my thumb.
    However these are "conscience(spelling?) " choices.
    what my question really may be is this an indicator of regression itself, or just me doing things?

    while I am trying to explore my AB tendencies, I am also curious how far this goes and what they actually are.

    And then 1 more question, when if ever, does the little in me actually become defined or am i just a DL with AB enjoyments?

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    I can only speak for myself, but regression doesn't come easy for me. I can wear a diaper and suck on a binky and wear a onesie or shortalls and cuddle with my blankie all day but to truly regress, I need to surrender and become totally vulnerable. I need to have no guards up and no sense of irony and that state is kind of nirvana for me. It's not easy to get to, and it involves me trusting others to treat me nicely and delicately. To me it's not so much acting like a kid, anyone can do that. It's literally transforming yourself mentally into a kid. It takes a great deal of power to let go of my adult life and it can be difficult to take it back up again after a true episode of regression.

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    Oh i regress all the time especially around my mommy. But i also feel little by doing simple things like watching cartoons, wearing my power ranger shirt, or even just eating cookies and milk. I regress a little to easily and cant really control it. Its almost not regression for me as much as being my self and being comfortable.
    Hehe i guessim just naturally little

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    Hey there i think what is going on is you are looking to explorer your AB side and just little things like sucking on your thumb or sleeping with your soft toy is a way of nurturing your little self and the more you do this the more you will find your little self coming out to play this may not be for everyone tho. regression is different for everyone and come in many forms and levels. Take your time and enjoy the moment and you will find what works for you. I will say regression for me stared out slow as i was a DL but as i got a little older i started to look into the AB side i started with a soft toys as well. Now regression is strong for me and i know when its coming on. A some what of a butterfly feeling and i get very excited its a bit like a hard hitting rush. The trick is to just have fun and what ever feels right for you go with it. I wish you the best of luck. take care big hugs little leo

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    re·gress (r-grs)
    v. re·gressed, re·gress·ing, re·gress·es

    1. To go back; move backward.

    2. To return to a previous, usually worse or less developed state.

    3. To have a tendency to approach or go back to a statistical mean. Psychology
    To induce a state of regression in.

    n. (rgrs)
    a. The act of going or coming back; return.

    b. Passage back; reentry.

    2. The act of reasoning backward from an effect to a cause.

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    Well that was kinda helpful. lol not .... Tongue in cheek I hope. Still amusing nonetheless

    Regression is part of the AB experience. It doesn't come easy at first, and I'd agree that to begin with it certainly helps to role play. But regressing more deeply is entering another tangent.... Accessing something deep within... You know it's there when you are no longer consciously directing the role play but it is taking on a life of its own. Sensations alter, perceptions alter.. You begin to experience and respond to your surroundings in a markedly different way. There is no mistaking the difference between role play and regression.

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    thank you all, I appreciate all of the advice and hope that even more people will feel free to add their thoughts as well.

    in a sorta reply to those who have answered, I am trying to find the regressed state. as age play itself seems silly, but that may still be me fighting part of this...

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    I think littleleo and ozbub have described it well, or have described it as I experience it. I agree in that I think it's something that should happen naturally, though choosing the stimuli is a conscious choice, such as putting on a diaper, hugging a plushie or sucking a paci or baby bottle. Diapers and associated objects have been called by psychologists as gateway objects, as they open a gate or door to the subconscious mind. These baby associated objects enable minds such as ours to achieve some of the same feelings we may have experienced when we were either babies or toddlers, some age related time to the original use of the object.

    For me, wearing diapers is sexual, so even if I regress with another object such as my teddy bear, I can still experience, to some degree, a sexual feeling, often a more infantile one. I like the feeling, though often it's fleeting. If I wear a diaper, and especially one that is wet, the feeling can last the entire time I'm wearing the diaper.

    I hope that helps.

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    thank you all who replied, this is all very helpful!

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