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    Okay everyone...

    I am not necessarily an AB, but, I ordered my first onsie today from Aww So Cute. Not too sure of the size I should get, so I am trying a large...I wear size 36 pants and am about 5'10" tall.

    I'm curious about them...I have some nice Bambino Bellissimo's to go with them.

    What is everyone else's experience with onsie's and sizing? Is there anyone here who is not necessarily an AB but wear them anyways?

    Maybe I'm starting to regress a bit

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    I got several from Big Baby Boutique, which is no longer in business. She had an entire sizing guide which I followed. They fit well because of the guide, and my wife measuring me for them. Onsies should fit well. On the one hand, if they're too short, they're uncomfortable, pulling in all the wrong places. If they're too large, they won't hold the diaper in place, and they look dumb. Trial and error is sometimes necessary with companies that only offer sm. md. and large.

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    ya i ordered one and i got the wrong one lol i cant find one for a 28 waist and 5 4 tall i got mine off ebay and it did not fit way to big so i just ordered a pair of footie pjs

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    Arr nice with your Bambinos and a onesie you will be nice and snug for shore. i hope you have a great time with you new buy as i'm shore you will + its nice to feel snug and cute. enjoy. hugs little leo

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    To me there are two important measurements. The most important is the shoulder to crotch measurement. This one is to make sure your diaper is held in place after shrinkage of the
    onesie. The other one is chest measurement. I also believe AB's should purchase a cloth measuring tape that is capable of measurements over 60 inches. In some cases company's
    want a torso measurement which will always be greater 60 inches. These tapes are available at fabric stores or Wal Mart and others in the sewing section.

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