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    One of the things that trigger early childhood memories and feelings is music. Not so much children's music but the popular songs from our childhood. Certain songs take us all back but for me, my mindset as a whole reverts back to whenever I first heard the song. If, for example, I am listening to the 80's channel, I tend to put myself back anywhere from 7 to 17 years old, although it is early to mid-80's that bring the strongest feelings to surface. Same goes with some mid to late 70's music too... am I unique in this?

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    I've done the same thing as well, though my music would be a lot older than yours as I'm 65. I can remember being a little kid riding in the car with my parents at night, coming home from an hour trip, which was a long time for a little kid. Big Band music would be playing on the radio of our old Chevrolet. Today I'll sometimes play that same kind of music and it makes me feel like a little kid again.

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    Hehe nope not alone. I was a huge nsync fan when i was littleand evry time i hear them i just have to dance. One time i was with my mommy and bye bye bye came on the radio in the car and i started singing and dancing in my seat. She thought this was so presious and told me how cute i looked. This made me blush and hide my face. I toke a nap as i often do during car ride and andi woke up at the mall and she toke me to build a bear. i was so happy i could hardly contain myself. That wear i got my favorite fuzzy friend Cloud. Since that day i cant sleep with out him my mommys so good to me

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    Clearly my little girl is amost as geeky as me as I find that 16bit Sonic music tends to help me regress. Collision Chaos Present from Sonic CD seems to work the best, it's just so bouncy and happy!

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