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    I get through about one pack of 24 diapers per month so it is important to find the most competative prices around. Being in the U.K. I have found this company

    Value Incontinence - Full range of quality, branded incontinence products at low prices

    You will need to ckick the unisex incontinence link and then the disposable all in ones to get to the tena slips.

    to be the most competitive so far, I know I should have bought 4 packs and had the free post option but I am stupid and I ordered only three packs. I will know next time.

    I hope this helps someone.

    If you know somewhere cheaper to buy the same product and the same quantity how about posting a link here ?
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    Arr thanks i will look into this as i am the same one pack of nappies lasts about a month for me i get mine form a mobility shop. They know me now and i have them on order but all ways looking out for a good buy. thanks again tiddles. big hugs little leo

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    Wow. I've been using Incontinence Choice because they were the cheapest for Tenas that I've found (I use Tena Flex). But this place is 2 a pack cheaper. I've just placed an order with them.
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    Thanks for posting the link! I usually order from my local chemist (no delivery charge) but sometimes use Incontinence Choice. A saving of 2.00 a pack soon mounts up! When your order arrives will you tell us what the packaging is like? The website says discreet packaging but their 'discreet' might not be the same as mine.

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    My order was in a big plain box, the box was starting to fall apart a bit as it would have held 4 packs of pads with ease.
    I missed the first attempt at delivery so it was partly my fault for the tatty state of the box. The packs of nappies are in perfect condition though.

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    i got mine from or allanda for short. they were good and swift discreet delivery. only 22 shiped + vat for 24 pack of large maxi slips. but damn they are cheap!

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    I order mine through Amazon for 20€ free Postage. These are Tena Slip Maxi. Not sure if it's free shipping to UK tho. But I do use Amazon and it's discrete packaging :3

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    I think Amazon UK mostly do Attends (which I don't like and which leak for me) but I have just had free shipping on Amazon prime for Tena slips.

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