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Thread: Had a Seizure now im IC

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    Default Had a Seizure now im IC

    Well I had a seizure and now no longer have control of my bladder :-/ im wearing Depends Protection with tabs(they still sell them here in NY) and soon a pair of plastic pants that I have on the way to help with leaks

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    Has anything else changed ? I hope you will regain control again. I have heard of a siezure causing all kinds of different problems but the sufferer often recovers to some degree or even a full return to their normality with time.

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    Sorry to hear that. Hope that you can get medical help to help you along the way. Maybe you will be able to get your diapers covered by insurance or Medicaid. If that happens you'll probably
    be stuck with Depends or whatever else they will approve.

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    Yah I'm using depends right now as it is and they're working fine I also had a major concussion and have 7 staples in the back of my head :-/ just I'm a really active 20yr that plays semi professional paintball and im wondering how I'm going to work this in with that

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    I would be careful and allow for a full recovery in terms of the head injury. Seizures can be very dangerous, causing permanent brain damage and even death. I assume you are under a doctor's care and receiving medication for this?

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    I wish for you the best. And when you recover, I hope it doesn't happen to you again.

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    The story is I went out to ride my bike which I dont remember doing and a lady saw me laying down on the sidewalk in front of a Police station and was concerned and turned around and thats when I started having a seizure so the seizure was a result of a head injury from me falling off the bike in which I have 6 staples in my head where I cracked my head open

    This is the first seizure I have ever had and no I am not on medications other then ibuprofen

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    It sounds like you had a seizure before you went on your bike. In your alter state you went riding. I use to do this with seizures. I am lucky I did not have a bike. I was able to walk and talk and work on stuff but I was not there it would last for 30 mins or more. I would call it a gray area. When I started getting my seizure under control. I could tell I was getting out of the seizure.

    But there been times where I was at a friend house. Had a seizure and walk home :S.

    So what could be happen to you. You be in your alter state. Your mind you are in a baby state and pee or poop. Or think you are in a diaper and pee or poop.

    Best idea go to a doctor.

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