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Thread: Little Girls Clothes and sizes

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    Default Little Girls Clothes and sizes

    I love buying little girls clothes, i can squeeze into a size 16, but size 18 fits good and size 20 fits like it was made for me. but good luck finding 18 and 20s in the store.

    anyone know a good place to get these sizes?

    and on a related note, does anyone know why disney the band directed for kids doesn't make any of there stuff in the larger sizes?

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    The first that comes to mind is the infernal internet machine - - -

    Well there is always ebay for better or worse - - -
    Once you find something you like see if the seller has more or does custom work.
    Set out a budget and see if the two of you can come to an agreement.

    Then there are Thrift; Salvation Army and Goodwill stores - novelty Halloween costume stores.
    An odd chance in going to a garage sale might produce something.

    Last that comes to mind is JCPenney catalog - go to the PLUS size childrens section and browse.
    I think you will find a lot of stuff school uniforms for instance.

    So what are you waiting for ?
    Your fantasy clothing is out there - SEARCH and find it !

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    Land's End School Uniforms have lots of cute little girl school uniforms like plaid jumpers in size 18.

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    Rather than squeesing into little girls clothes (They seriously can't be very comfortable if your a size 20) like the smaller women can Try and find clothing your size that fits the bill. Go for certain styles or cuts of dress that have a child-like or princess-like feel to them. Puff/cap sleves, Pinafores, just above the knee, denim dresses and skirts, Ones that come in at the waist, cupcake shapes. Bright or pastel colors and cute or pretty patterns.

    Ebay, Etsy, thrifty, vintage all sorts of places have hidden treasures waiting for you to find them! Sometimes it's just as simple as a pair of study maryjane style shoes and frillie ankle socks with pigtales in your hair! It's aaaallllll about how you wear it and your accessories My entire wardrobe is based on me being both big and little. One of my dresses paired with tights and heels, ready for a night out! Switch the tights and heels for frillie socks and maryjanes, put in some pigtales and the transformation is amazing Sometimes it's as simple as choosing a bright cardigan instead of a darker one. The only children's clothing I have is girls socks.

    I hope that helped :3 Seriously though, look and you shall find! I have mickey and minnie mouse embroidered shortalls that I found in a vintage shop on my high street And my number one tip? Pajama tops. Comfy, cute, colorful and usually they have characters.

    There is always the options of learning to sew and making your own too!

    God luck, Jelly

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    I would love to own little girl clothing but sadly I have none. You just have to look hard and actually wears what fits you.

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    I've found 'square dancing' dresses to be sooo beautiful, with a full crinoline petti an a full diaper and frilly knickers, and of course a lovely frilly training bra, mary janes, what more could a'girl' want

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    Are little girl pantie sizes pretty much equivalent to boy underwear sizes, so like, a boys size 14 is the approximate same size as a girl's size 14 pantie? Thanks!

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    Try using this Wal*Mart size chart for your answers:
    LINK: Apparel Size Charts
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    So another question, Are girl's panties just as stretchy or more so than boy's underwear? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by deviantartjd View Post
    So another question, Are girl's panties just as stretchy or more so than boy's underwear? Thanks!
    That really just depends on the material used AFAIK...but, you also need to factor the 'cut'...unless you're particularly small 'down there' and all around...

    you might get them 'on', but like is often said about attempting to wear baby/toddler diapers...we wouldn't necessarily call it a fit...

    No one is likely to be able to give you a guarantee in'll either have to get the best guess size, and try...or forget about wearing them...sorry!

    Best that I can offer from my experience in to look for something with say a Lycra/spandex content. 100% cotton will stretch a little bit, then doesn't shrink back until it is washed and dried again...and if you exceed the limit, it will either or both, cut-off circulation, or break.

    You might do better to try the Jr./Misses, in the fuller also have to consider 'vanity-sizing' (smaller size numbers on larger sizes) and the actual variations from line, and manufactures, even within the same brand...


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