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Thread: Parents into Diapers?

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    Default Parents into Diapers?

    So, having never seen any post related to this, does anyone know if their parents are ab/dl and if not, what would you think if you found out they were?

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    The more important question here is why would you WANT to know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxiPad89 View Post
    The more important question here is why would you WANT to know?
    There is a sense of curiosity of have but I wouldn't want to know why, what they do with them, or have them participate with me or me participate with them.

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    I am not sure how I would feel if mine were. I think it would be a bonus because they would have accepted it a lot easier and perhaps let me wear them in 6th grade. But at the same time I can't imagine them wearing diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxiPad89 View Post
    The more important question here is why would you WANT to know?
    I was thinking in the future, if I have kids and I discovered that they were into ab/dl it would be an interesting situation

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    Once seen, it could not be unseen. Once known, it could not be un-known.

    Brings to mind Stifler in the closet with grandma in American Wedding.

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    I would say this day in age it could become more revlant. Kids will observe at a young age if they see things their parents are doing. It could be leaving out diapers or finding things that are
    AB related. Also they will be more internet savy. Sharing computers or other means without proper blocks shouldn't be done. Kids will always be courious and will look into places when they

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    If I found out one of my parents was ab/ dl I'd admit to being one too. After all, they'd be understanding and I wouldn't have to hide, and it would become a whole lot easier to get diapers!

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    That would be a definite benefit to finding that out, I do wish I could be a little more open to those who are very close to me sometimes, but other times, I want it to be private

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    Aww and here I was expecting a horror story or two. I would say without a doubt my parents are not in to diapers. Drugs was always more their thing. I wouldn't want to lnow if they were either considering they are butt ugly XD

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