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Thread: drynites in combination with another diaper?

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    Default drynites in combination with another diaper?

    I wet the bed almost every night and assume the urine just flows steadily, without too much pressure. If so, I want to test if a drynite can hold it. To try to avoid leaks, I would wear a regular diaper on top, but would this combo work?

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    From personal experience, Drynites don't really live up to their name... i'm 5ft 7" with a 30" waist, the Leg gaps while wearing the 8-15's do not work well in keeping urine in the pull-up, Wee WILL exit these areas if your junk is pointing in the wrong direction at the wrong time... I generally double up with a baby dry 6 / Active Fit 5, I wear these under the pull-up however, it is a bit tight, but it seems to do the job when wetting is concerned.

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    Maybe try an AIO cloth diaper for a cover, if you don't mind using cloth. I have just recently tried wearing Goodnites with an AIO cloth diaper over the top so I can totally soak the Goodnite, letting it leak, which feels great between the legs

    Try the AIO cloth diapers at; another member recommended this site to me.

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