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Thread: Does anyone else wear drynites/goodnites 24/7

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    Default Does anyone else wear drynites/goodnites 24/7

    Just wondering???

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    yep i did for a little bit then i got my 1st adult nappy and have stayed with them but not all the time tho every night i wear and on the weekends. I drive a lot as part of my job so find its gets a bit hot in the car in the summer and i have no AC so nappies don't really work for me in the day. have fun. little leo

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    I've not worn goodnites 24/7 but have almost been diapered 24/7 these days. Usually when I play hockey I won't be but playing hockey in a goodnite is really fun

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    I used to. I'm now varying with Underjams.

    They are very nice for daytime, although I wish the waistband could be a bit lower for discretion.

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    I love my goodnites, I'm actually wearing one right now. They are one my favorite since they are comftorble fit and compact.

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    I wear Drynites 8-15 almost 24/7, have done for the last 3 weeks or so after a long time not wearing at all, I do find however that they leak rather easily around the leg gaps and will have to double-up with a Pampers Active-Fit 5 / Baby Dry 6. I just got some Active-Fit today, they're rather snug but do just about fit! They were on offer (2 for 10), 2 x 25 packs! couldn't pass that offer! combined with the Drynites I can wet 2 times without worrying about changing / leakages. funfunfun!

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    Goodnites? The old stalwart? Of course, it's been that way for 15 years. Usually, I have them on when I'm at my best, functioning at top-level with multitasking and all that good stuff.. They are a boon in the work place, especially. When things aren't so good (when I am having trouble with sensory processing, for example) then I have to revert to DryCare or Abena. It used to be, that I could go completely without protection. That was over 20 years ago. Later, I got diagnosed with Autism. Now I understand why I wear diapers, and wonder why I wasn't in them when I was in my teens and 20's. I could have really benefited from them back then, and might not be on disability today.

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    I prefer pull ups but im very skinny and weigh 130 so i can still fit. I guess im lucky that way.
    So far im enjoying the mosters U editions. Its cool becuase my mommy got me a stuffed sully for christmas. So my plushie gets to match mypull up

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