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Thread: Cloth Backed Disposables.

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    Default Cloth Backed Disposables.

    I was wondering if anyone has experience with clothback diapers. Im looking for something with very little crinkle and that Isnt too thick but with a decent absorbancy. I know that plastic back is better, but I would like to try something that can breathe a little more but has a good fit like most plastic backed diapers do. Thanks a bunch

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    I wear Attends breatheables when the heat cranks up here in Texas. They do pretty good job for me. They hold a couple of wettings pretty good and the tapes do good.

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    hey there i wear ILI supreme fit there cloth back they are very good for the money and hold a lot but one thing i have found with cloth back when very wet it sags bit like a baby nappy would some may like a saggy nappy some may not.But all in all they keep me dry and happy

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    Another vote for Lille Supreme here, I wear every night with no leaks, very comfy and unlike other cloth ones I've tried these don't make me sweat.

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    Big fan of the Abena l3 or M3 which ever your size range is, very quiet, absorbent and thin. Worn around family and friends and they were none the wiser..

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    Thanks, I've looked into the molicare soft and may try them, I also can't seem to find the lille supreme. Anyone know where to look for those?

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    I had what I think was an attends overnight sample, and I actually really liked them. To me, they seemed to hold quite a bit, and I don't think they were quite as hot or noisy. I can't really offer much more advise because I'm not a fan of cloth backed (even though my stash right now is mostly cloth backed cvs brand due to finances.)

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