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Thread: Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow...

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    Smile Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow...

    The weather was teasing me this afternoon. I was out covering up a load of slabwood delivered to us this morning, and a little flurry of snow started coming down. Man, I hope we get a decent snow around here this season. I'd love to sit by the window, sipping on a hot chocolate, watching the snow falling and blowing around. Then go out and have some fun in it while doing the necessary shoveling. Snow quickly brings out the little child within.

    Anyone have a nice snowfall yet this season where you're located? Did you have a chance to get out and *play* in it?


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    No . It was supposed to snow a couple of inches but the stupid cold front veered south too fast. Kansas usually gets a lot of snow around january and febuary. So keep your fingers crossed for me and I will do the same. I really want to go sledding.

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    Unforchanetly no all we get is cold it never snows in florida. The best i've gotten was a few days ago it got around 32 and when I got to school the whole ROTC rifle rang was coveren in frost and the field looked like it had been spray painted gray.

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    Pramrider if it never ever snowed agian, I would be a happy guy, I hate snow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballucanb View Post
    Pramrider if it never ever snowed agian, I would be a happy guy, I hate snow.
    Sounds like you need to relocate where Kenshin lives in FL.

    Thomas, I hope you get your big snow soon. We usually get our biggest storms in February. Very rarely do we get one in December. Extreme western Maryland has gotten some this season.


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    We had some snow last night.. not much though.

    Pretty soon is when the good snow will come. I love the snow. At school me and my friends used to wear t-shirts and shorts to school then during lunch and breaks we'd roll around in the snow.. fun times

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    We got an inch or two today, and I had my first experience driving on snowy roads. It was pretty nerve wracking, but I managed not to slide too much

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    Nope! Cause it never snows where I am. Ever.

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    We've got about 8 inches where I live... It's nice. I love winter!!!

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    Earliest Ski Season in 20+ years according to the older membs of my family. Do love snow. I don't know if I like skiing though, I do it anyway. :O

    Snow is win.

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