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    I have just travelled by plane from the UK to Denmark Copenhagen for the weekend and took tena slip diapers and 2 pairs of plastic pants and 2 incontinence pads .I was traveling with a friend who I did not want to know.
    I did not wear through security but was silently hoping my carry on case would get through without them checking however I was nervous when they wanted to checkv it further but fortunately they just carried out a liquid test on my shower gel.I just wore at night and the first night my bed was maid inco pads put straight and bin with wet nappy empty.on my return to the UK my bag went straight through the security check without a problem,big sigh of relief, so overall a easy time traveling with my diapers and my friend none the wiser with my being an infantalist.anyone else with a similar tale

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    I also took a flight with a diaper in my hand bag without having any problem. I didn't wear during security check but did wear it afterwards for the flight.

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    I love wearing on the plane; in fact that's the limit of my wearing in public experience. I've done so twice, both times I waited until I went through security to put on my belissimo, with the one I was changing into and an extra packed rather close to the top of my bag. I always made sure I never had something in my bag I thought was likely to be checked for, so I felt relatively safe. Never had a problem with being searched, though I did have a few glances after putting on or disposing my used diapers. One time was really nerve wrecking because the only bathroom before I had to meet my dad had a giant line so plenty of people to stare as I carried the used one to the trash.

    Still, never had a comment on them though.

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