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Thread: Non-medical stores where you can order good diapers

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    Default Non-medical stores where you can order good diapers

    Not long ago there was a thread about Molicares being sold online from Staples. Anyone know of any other chain stores like this that sell good diapers where you wouldn't expect it? Especially if they have a ship to store option.

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    Staples actually isn't as bizarre as you would think when you realize they own a operation called that sells into Medical offices. You can order anything on that website just like you were ordering from staples.

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    I know walmart has molicares. Small shops have the good stuff.

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    Yeah, the only small shop near me with anything decent has Tranquilities, which are OK, but I'm looking to try new things and it would be nice if I could just have something shipped to the store. And unfortunately Walmart doesn't offer ship to store with the Molicares and the only way you can buy them anyway is in the huge cases for $80, which I don't have space for.

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    Walmart does offer bags of Molicare briefs & a few others (Abena, welness, ect) via Not cheap, but may be an option if your ordering other stuff from them at the same time?

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