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    Default Last thread i promise!!!

    Where can i dispose of used diapers when still living in secret?

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    that's a good question. i my self have had to duck and dive. What i did was put them in a backpack and would walk away from my home and put them in some ones bin down the road lol it was the only way at the time just do it quickly. But what ever you do don't stash them in your room 1 your room will start to smell of pee 2 if they find them its harder to explain a wet nappy more then a dry one. If they found a dry one and ask you about it you can just say i'm working on a project and need the stuff from the inside of the nappy. but a wet one will be harder to get out of explaining eg busted. hope that kind of help't. have fun. little leo

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    Tie them up in a grocery bag with your other trash.

    Why is it your last thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Tie them up in a grocery bag with your other trash.
    ditto. all you have to do is be the one who puts out the full trash bags (into the wheelie-bin, i presume).
    additionally, you can buy hole-less trash bags for swing-bins and the like for very little cost (you may need to open a pack/roll in store to check that they're hole-free). this is also the cheapskate option for doggy poo bags and waste-food; and it really does save on having a binful of maggots, which you don't want to have to emptied and cleaned if you've got used diapers in it.
    btw, since it's the season: boiling/scalding water for the maggots. they seem to be pretty resilient to most other 'at hand' solutions.

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    Keep a stash of grocery bags in your room, double bag the diaper, wait till the coast is clear, then take it to your car. Drive to gas station or park, deposit in trash. If you don't have a car you might have to be sneaky about getting it into the trash.

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    Zip lock bags are good for sealing in wet and smells, but only for a day or so. Getting them out to the trash as soon as possible eliminates a lot of problems.

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    well here in the uk we have a bin system that consists of garden, paper and card, landfill and plastics and metals. What i plan on doing is geting an old plastic carrier bag. tying my old ones up tightly within said bag and puting it in the bottom of the landfill bin.

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