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Thread: Safety and hygiene

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    Default Safety and hygiene

    How safe is it for me to wear a drenched diaper from 9:00PM to 9:00AM?
    Just wondering, btw the diaper is a drynites L/XL

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    I would say its highly unhygienic.

    Sitting in one's waste is generally not seen as clean and even in a article of clothing made for holding such will not get rid of this simple fact.

    As for safety, No. Especially if you dont use anything like Baby Powder or Anti-Rash cream. Size really has nothing to do with safety or hygiene here. If its wet then change it, sitting in waste is just unclean, yes some people enjoy it but for 9am-9pm? I can clearly say that is not hygienic, plus urine contain in a article of clothing against your skin should easily tell you something there. Bigger size just means its made to fit bigger people with bigger bladders.

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    But it's so comfyyyyyyyy

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    hmm i not shore if that's a good idea as can lead to a sore bum and i have hard that it can cause water infections to. i'm not an expert or a doctor just some think i read about on a AB/DL website. if you are going to do it i would say a adult nappy would be better if you can get them as they hold more and draw liquid away from the skin better. good luck have fun. big hugs little leo

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodnites101 View Post
    But it's so comfyyyyyyyy
    Im just advising against it.
    Its up to you to take my advice or not but I will say this, comfy or not there is a chance and a high one, that it will come to bite you in the butt, literally.

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    Anyway, would you happen to know how many wettings one drynite/goodnite L/XL can hold?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goodnites101 View Post
    Anyway, would you happen to know how many wettings one drynite/goodnite L/XL can hold?
    Personally no.

    That depends on how it fits you, how much you release per wetting and if the SAP isn't clumped.
    If it was a S/M Goodnite I can help but not for L/XL, Sorry

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    i would say about 3 then it will feel soggy but just don,t give your self a water infection its not nice.

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    Its not going to do any real harm. I'm a bedwetter so often end up sleeping wet for hours. Just remember to use rash cream to stay on the safe side

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    Have to agree with PaddedPuppy. Probably not going to hurt and if it does, you'll know it. My diaper is usually soaked overnight for eight to ten hours. Then again it certainly is not a goodnight, but a thick cloth diaper with boosters. I recommend zinc oxide ointment (Desitin, Balmex or something similar) and baby powder to avoid rashes. And, I would definitely not recommend going that long without a change during the day.

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