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Thread: Acquaintance possibly DL?

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    I went on a group ride that I'd recently been absent from a few of. When I greeted another rider I've known casually for a few years, I noticed the seat on his machine was just the steel pan. I commented on the potential discomfort of riding that way and he answered "I brought my own padding". I spent the next 10 minutes trying to think of a way to work the word "flood" into the conversation and even then I'm not quite sure if he heard me. Not that I'd have been able to suss whether he was wearing. Doh! I could have probably mentioned the tires or brakes *wearing*

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    I would have said, "Really? Must be good padding. What kind is it?"

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    Or, he meant padding such as some sort of chair pad/cushion.

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    Fat ass or maybe one of those bicyclist-padded shorts (that actually make someone look like he/she wears a large IC-pad)...

    This is something I have run into myself a few times: we as (DL/IC/AB/etc.) seem to be a "tad" predisposed to see - literally or in assumption of someone else being into - diapers where there are none most of the time.
    I guess it's a mixture of projecting ones own psychological aspects unto another person and also the wish for the fetish / object (diaper) to be more "accepted".

    In your example with the biker and his steel-saddle motorcycle: would you in his shoes, if you'd be a ABDL (which I guess you are ), make such a remark (I'm brought my own padding) if you'd think it could even potentially be assessed by such a statement that you indeed would be wearing a diaper - I meant by such a remark you could potentially "out" yourself, at least from your own perspective as an ABDL.

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    I'd give it a 99% chance he is referring to padded bike shorts...

    I have friends that are into bike racing and wear these shorts all the time...

    As for diaper, I'd doubt it...


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