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Thread: New 2013 Goodnites seem to be less absorbent than the previous version.

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    Post New 2013 Goodnites seem to be less absorbent than the previous version.

    So I bought a package of the new version of goodnites last week, and here is what I have noticed:
    1. The new design is definitely smaller, so if they barely or didn't really fit you before they won't fit you now and will be even tighter and may even rip.
    2. The new design is definitely less absorbent, I tried wetting them slowly and quickly, standing, sitting and laying down in different positions and they just don't hold as much anymore. No matter how I wet them, they just won't hold as much as the older design, the older ones swell up more and hold more, the newer ones only hold so much then leak, where the older ones can still absorb more.
    3. The new designs are quieter and are much softer and comfortable even after wetting them, and being in them all day while pretty wet (but not soaked to the point of leaking). The new designs keep your skin drier, until they reach their capacity obviously (which is less than the old ones). The older ones didn't keep the part touching your skin as dry.
    4. The new designs have a different smell and seem to have a bit better odor control until you exceed their capacity, then it is compromised.

    So overall they are more comfortable and are better for their target group, but they are worse for those of us that are adults or larger etc.

    Here are my suggestions after trying the new designs, for the L/XL, if you are a guy and have a waist size larger than 30" then these definitely won't work as intended, if you are between 28"-30" you should be okay but may still have problems depending on the size of your anatomy and the rest of your body's size. Also if you are a heavy wetter (go a lot at once before they can absorb) these will not work as intended obviously and leak out the sides where the leak guards are.

    If you are a girl and can correctly fit in girls size 14 underwear or smaller then these should work well for you and fit you correctly, size 16 is borderline.

    So in short, if you cannot fit correctly into boys size 14 underwear or girls size 14, you are going to probably be disappointed and the product won't perform as intended. If you can fit correctly into size 16 boys or girls underwear, you might still be okay, but you more than likely will not be able to have one full wetting without leaking and may experience ripping or they may be too tight and uncomfortable. My brother with a 32 inch waist experienced ripping shorty after putting them on, and gave up after trying about 4 on and having them all rip.

    I am 6'1" and about 135-140lbs and have about a 28" waist and the older ones fit me nicely with room to spare but these newer ones just barely fit me comfortably and were a bit tight honestly. So if you are larger than 28" waist, I would definitely stick with the older design for as long as you can find them as you will have better results.

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    What new designs? Could you maybe snap a couple pictures? I know that they have new packaging, but the package I bought still has last-years designs.

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    Sounds about right, almost every review on their website asks that they be made larger and more absorbant yet they continue to make them smaller and less absorbant, i guess they dont read those reviews or just dont care. People have been asking for bigger better goodnites since they started that trim fit garbage in 2002-2003! All adults that want to wear them aside, we live in an era of mass childhood obesity and they want to make them smaller WTF??? Its honestly sad that a 150lb 12 year old would have to wear adult diapers as if wearing them is not a scary enough experience for an average kid adult diapers at that age would be horrific for me leastwise. I fortunatly was able to wear the original goodnites XL from the time they came out until they were changed to trim fit and even then i wasnt too happy having to find adult diapers that were decent and comfortable. Anyway sorry for the rant guys:-)

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    Now that it has been mentioned, comparing one from a new and old pack....they have the same designs, but are very marginally different. I haven't noticed a difference in absorbency though. I wear these overnight, and though I don't bedwet, I do use them as soon as I wake up.

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    Will have to check them out soon, I'm almost running out of my actual stash, if this is true, that will probably the last pack of Goodnites I'll buy in my whole life, I started wearing diapers again with them, it would be a shame to not be able to wear them till I die (hopefully in 60-80 yrs from now at least)

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    Well, that's discouraging. Is there any way to differentiate from the old, so maybe we can stock up?

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    Not sure if I ended up with an old package, but I picked up a package at CVS the other day and they seemed to be the same as I remember. One slow wet is about all they'd take and that's about what these take as well. YMMV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grst View Post
    What new designs? Could you maybe snap a couple pictures? I know that they have new packaging, but the package I bought still has last-years designs.
    I meant they were designed a little differently not that they had new pictures/designs on them, though there are slight differences as mentioned. There is a new package as seen in this picture though.
    IMG_0018 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    If you want I can post comparison photos of me wearing a new version next to a photo of me wearing the older version and you can kind of see how the new version got smaller. I can even post photos of what they both look like as wet as they can get without leaking if so desired.

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    Oh my word, Walmart already is phasing them in. . . The package is a new kid on it, so that's the difference b/t the old and the new from the outside of the package, if you are looking. . .

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