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Thread: Stumped on what diaper this is.

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    Default Stumped on what diaper this is.

    Hey guys, what brand of adult diaper is she wearing, sorry about the link I am on my phone and can't post a picture.

    Diapers and Other Stuff - Felicity one of my all time favorite AB girls

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    Attends did have blue tapes, but I haven't bought any of them is a while to know if that is it or not.

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    With the tapes it looks like an attends but I am not 100% sure

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    It's not a plastic backed Attends, but according to what I see of the tapes it could be a Dry24/7.

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    I think it's Attends with a stuffer. She drew all over the front, but you can see the blue tapes and the yellow wetness indicator. I'm pretty sure they add stuffers to many of these professional diaper girl photos because they all seem so bulky.

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    If it is an attends, what type like waistband style, breathable briefs, ect.

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    It is a vintage Attends from the 1990's. Those. Diapers. Rocked. Thick, comfy, white, scented, cute, crinkly. Simply put...awesome.

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    It is vintage Attends from the 90's. I miss those diapers so much! They were my favorite diapers but now they went through some changes. I like them even today but I do miss the old ones.

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    Those are definitely vintage attends, I still have a few bags of the med and large sizes. By far my favorite diaper of all time!

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    lower right picture shows three tapes to a side, that narrows it down considerably

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