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    Is it true that if you start to wear diapers 24/7 for a long time you will eventually become incontinent again?

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    This question has been asked many times before, and the answer is no. Many people wear 24/7 and stay completely continent. However, if you wear 24/7 and always wet the moment you feel the slightest need to go, this may weaken your bladder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schneaky View Post
    Is it true that if you start to wear diapers 24/7 for a long time you will eventually become incontinent again?
    To make the answer simple: No

    The fact that some people wet without "knowing" when they have been wearing diapers 24/7 for a long time is really a case of conditioning the body to understand that when the diaper is being worn there is no need to warn you about it and to let go. If you get rid of the diaper chances are your body will tell you that you have to go and not release without control like someone who has IC.

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    I'm approaching two years of 24/7. I often get asked if I've lost any control because of it. The short answer would be 'no'. The longer answer would be that I'd consider myself diaper trained. I still have full control, but I can go without thinking about it when diapered.

    I can't give a definitive 'yes' or 'no' on whether it's possible to lose control due to extended wearing, because I honestly don't know. However, based on my experiences, I would consider it very unlikely. I'd also consider it to be very undesirable!

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    I would say no as well. You will not lose control, but, you will get more frequent urges that are more urgent. The more often you wear and allow the smaller voids, the smaller your bladder capacity will be. You'll also notice that you allow urine to pass with little mind resistance.

    You won't become incontinent. Even with wearing diapers at all times

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    No. Incontinence is a symptom from an underlying cause. Many adults develop urge and stress incontinence, but these conditions are tied to specific problems. Your brain is wired to alert you when your bladder is full. So, you may ignore those signals over time, but they will be there nonetheless. If you are continent consider yourself lucky.

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