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Thread: Coloring Books, a great way to regress

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    Default Coloring Books, a great way to regress

    I got a My Little Pony coloring book at my local CVS the other day. I feel so little when I bust out the Crayola crayons and just start coloring. Right now I like to stay in the lines as I've always been neat and tidy when coloring.

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    I've been meaning to do this. It sounds relaxing, fun and I like drawing. ...just need to find the time.

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    It is fun and relaxing. I too am guilty of the same. But my Teddy Bear is the best for me to regress.

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    I have a couple of pony coloring books and a Lion King one as well.

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    Sometimes I do this with the grand kids. I'm afraid I'm anal enough that I too am compelled to stay within the lines..haha.

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    I drive my kids nuts at restaurants. I make them get a kids menu so I can color. They can order off the adult menu, and I have had only one "guess who is not getting a tip" old bat that said anything about it. I fixed her! I kept the crayons even though they came in the little box and I know everybody left them anyway.

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    I totally agree - coloring is great for regression. I have mandala coloring books for children, really nice.

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    Even though I have yet to buy myself some crayola's and a few coloring books, I would have to agree that using these things would be a good key to regression.

    Might have to practice that soon :3

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    I recently broke out a few of my old coloring books that I had laying around, unfinished. It was quite nice, both coloring and remembering images of some that I had already colored.

    Ohh, and I still can't stay in the lines

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