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    How do you manage the heat of diapers when in the summer. I get really hot when trying to wear do you do it?

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    May be try a little baby powder if you have not all reddy. It helps a lot at night for me when its humid.

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    One other thing that helps me a little personally is to sleep on my back. For some reason I sweat most when on my stomach.

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    In the Texas heat of the summer I wear Attends Breatheable diapers when I'm out and about. I also use Dependeco PUL diaper covers which are also breatheable. Indoors I'm always in AC
    and for overnight I wear my Dependeco AIO's with the PUL covers instead of plastic pants. I find in the morning when I take the PUL cover off I don't get that sweaty smell from my diaper.

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    In this summer heat this is a big challenge. By using stuffers you can pull them out and replace them as often as needed before the entire diaper needs to be changed. It helps cutting down on the number of diaper changes at least during the day.

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    I just bought recently some cloth diapees from one Finnish manufacturer (lady) who makes cloth diapers in both kidīs and adult sizes =)

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    J&J baby powder, corn starch type not talc. breathable diaper. A fan blowing on you or AC.

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    the heat typically doesn't bother me. If I'm going to be out and about in the summer heat, then I always have time to make it home and clean up before going somewhere important. I try to always plan ahead when it comes to diaper wearing out in public.

    But as far as dealing with the heat, I coat the inside of my diaper with cornstarch baby powder. It is usually enough to absorb excess moisture for a while, but not all day.

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    I wear cloth diapers, and it's amazing how much cooler cloth and PUL pants are compared to disposables. Last summer I was wearing Abena M4s, and they were very warm during the summer. I actually went without wearing for a bit because it was so hot here. This year I'm exclusively in cloth, and I've had no problems with heat. I always have used baby powder, and that does help. Keep the AC on, use fans, and don't snuggle with the wife so much at night <giggle>, at least not until you take your diaper off.

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    I always wear shorts in the summer time. And when I plan to wear a diaper, I ensure that it is snugged to my body quite well to avoid problems. Over that diaper I wear boxer shorts (Broern Borg, perfect fit ! ) and then plastic pants, mostly Gary or Suprima. On top of that I wear sport shorts only.
    This might sound silly and as too hot for summer, but your legs can breath freely and the wind can go under your shorts easy to cool you down. Very confi. The only problem is that you cannot do this while wearing bulgy diapers: People certainly will see those, but I am sure that some folks around here like that idea too. For me medium thickness is fine, confi and pleasure.

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