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Thread: Menstruation Envy.. A sober enquiry...

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    Default Menstruation Envy.. A sober enquiry...

    Ok- either this one gets mod zapped or it touches a lot of our hearts.

    I'd more than gently suggest we try a simple almost poll like unqualified any further- Yes or no to the query:

    Ever been envious of menstruation?

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    1) - You haven't voted yet. 2) - Why would someone be envious? I've seen many of my female friends go through cramps and embarrassing situations (leaks) that make me glad to be a guy (sorry ladies). My wife and others I know were, as one friend put it, happy to "Send Flo to the curb" and become "hyster sisters".

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    I can see if one was jealous because females get to wear pads for it (because of their similarity to diapers), but believe me, there is nothing to be jealous about. Cramps, leaking, etc. are just not fun.

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    I can't say that I have ever been envious of menstruation or the capacity to become pregnant and bear children, it's always seemed like a burden to me.
    I'm not disgusted by it in the way some men are, but my close female friends have all had rather heavy and painful periods, and that has probably marked my attitude to them somewhat.

    I do understand why some might be envious of them however: if you have any amount of transliness in you, then it's natural to be envious of cis gendered people's bodies and the things they can do that are unique to their physical sex.

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    Well, menstruation is obviously an important part of being female, even if it's usually regarded as unpleasant and undesirable. From that standpoint, I can easily rationalize an envy of it, even if I personally wouldn't want it. In fact, my ex-girlfriends and wife all, at some point, voiced envy for my menstruation-free life. One must admit that male genitalia come with an awful lot of convenience, or lack of inconvenience, regardless of gender identity.

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    No, can't say I have. It sounds pretty horrible from what I've heard. Besides, I don't want to be a big girl, just a little one. So I'm quite content without it.

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    Being a female, i can tell you there's no reason to be envious and i'm glad you can all see that. And on the viewpoint that pads may be similar to diapers: they're not. Not even close.

    Be glad you're men! (:

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    To answer the question.... yes...very often in fact. I suppose I should give some background so people can understand why I might feel that way. I am a transitioning trans-women (actually bigendered, but I'm not really comfortable expressing the "guy" side of myself until after I've completed a physical transition (hormones, srs etc)...... I know... I'm weird lol. I've had so many cis-people tell me "you're so lucky because you'll never have to worry about periods", and that statement never ceases to piss me the hell off! To begin with, doesn't it just sound pretentious? As if some other person sees fit to tell me what experiences I want to have....I don't know, maybe I'm just oversensitive in that regard. I suppose I feel that way because to me (and I suspect plenty of other trans people), menstruation is representative of a typical female experience, inexorably tied with the ability to get pregnant. This is something I'll never have.....something I'd do anything to gain. Every month, I'm reminded that no matter how well my transition goes, no matter how good I look, how confident I am......not matter how great life is going for me, there is one uniquely female experience I can never have and that though serves only to increase the dysphoria I already feel.

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    I do not look at this forum usually but this thread tag caught my eye.

    The answer is no.

    TMI: have a mother that was having health issues and an emergent hysterectomy when I was very small, plus being 4 of 4 boys I had no idea what menstruation was until I was 25. Going into biomedical research and doing reproductive science I now know more about menstruation then most women. It is call the miracle of birth for a reason. The 135 steps to go from maybe to baby without a problem is amazing. Then also add the things that can happen outside of the birth area, and it is surprising that more women do not have endometriosis let alone uterine cancer/fibroid tumor.

    I know my wife goes through hell every month, and it did not take me long to learn to just buy a LOT OF CHOCOLATE and hide for one week.

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    Sorry but I feel its my duty to interject with my lack of knowledge and ignorance on this sentive topic, for all I know this is true.

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