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Thread: Prepaid Visas and ordering diapers

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    Question Prepaid Visas and ordering diapers

    The title implies the inside here, and I want to know if prepaid Visa cards will work when ordering online. I don't want my debit card tracked, since it records what is bought where. I was also planning on buying some Tena Slip Maxis, so where would be the best place to buy them online? (looking for one package) And are these good diapers to buy for a first online order? Thank you and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have not used a prepaid card for online purposes. However, I would expect you will have no difficulty. From the merchants prespective, a prepaid Visa card is the same as a regular Visa card.

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    A prepaid card should have no problems.

    To be perfectly honest, however, unless you have a specific reason to hide this purchase from someone who can see the account statements, it's just not a big deal. Your bank will not notice nor care that you purchased diapers.

    Moreover, there are also relatively few situations where it makes sense to be hiding these purchases like that, as the primary situations in which someone else can see the statements suggest larger issues. If an adult still has their parents on his account, well, it's probably time to take them off and/or open another account in his own name. If someone has shared fiances with a spouse, then that person is long past the point where he ought to have disclosed this to a spouse.

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    To FruitKitty, I have a specific reason. My mother is still hooked to my account, as I'm only 17 and cannot get my own separate account. But thank you for the response. And you too Baby Denise.

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    A ) if you're only 17, Blitzwing, you shouldn't be on the site. Whether anyone likes it or not, you have to be 18 or older for this site for a good reason.

    B ) not wanting diapers attached yo your bank / credit history can be very important aside from people who can see the statement finding out. What if some time down the road you get into a position where someone could profit or destroy you with a bit of blackmail and searches through your purchasing history? That's just one example. Honestly, I'd rather be safe than sorry

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