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    So yea, thinking about ordering my first case of diapers from either abuniverse or bambino. Problem, I don't want my roommates questioning the big package that shows up (even if it is discreet packaging). Good news is that I have a UPS store right across the street.

    Anyone familiar with how their instore pickup service works? Would I set it up with UPS or just put in the store address when I place the order with the website? Is there an additional fee to pick it up in store?

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    I have no idea because I never had a UPS pick up but, it's not you roommates buisiness on what you buy and you don't have to answer to them with what you get in my opinion and I wouldn't generally care as long as it is not exposed to everybody.

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    I've done this Recently with some plastic pants. Just send it to their address, and include C/O UPS STORE somewhere in there too. Use some field to put that in. I used Company, Then some one was smart and put it on the label in the right way.
    Then tell them(UPS STORE) you are sending a package to them, include your information, You could tell them before ordering to be 100% this is OK. It should be, as they will make $5 from you for this.
    You can also get an Instore mailbox if this is might become a frequent occurrence.

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    My first pack I ordered a couple weeks ago was ordered through ABUniverse. The order procedure made it really easy, and step by step where to send it especially when doing the in-store delivery. Although I've heard that they charge $5 for this service, when I did my order, I just signed for the box and they sent me on my way. Either way the wait is probably the worst part of the whole thing

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    I just put my name on the package and the street address of the UPS store. I have a box so I put the box# on it.

    Will Meade
    1234 Commerce St.
    Suite A11 - 123
    Some City, MD 20715

    The Suite A11 is the address of the UPS store in the shopping center. The 123 is my box. If you don't have a box, just leave that off. You'll want to call the UPS store in advance to let them know you are having a package shipped there (if you give your email, they'll send you a note when it arrives).

    The USPS, UPS, FEDEX etc... all know what UPS stores are so they will be familiar with that address when it shows up without having to be explicitly told it's a UPS store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tall2826 View Post
    I have no idea because I never had a UPS pick up but, it's not you roommates buisiness on what you buy and you don't have to answer to them with what you get in my opinion and I wouldn't generally care as long as it is not exposed to everybody.
    Thank you for that advice and encouragement. You're right, it's noone's business but mine what I purchase.

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    The UPS store pickup system is quite simple. Usually it's a small daily fee, so if it's there for merely a day, you might only be charged $3. This might be different based on where you are, though, I doubt it's much different. (I personally order US based products to a pay-to-use mailing address in Maine. Cheaper than UPS, but it's all they do, so it makes sense)

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    My experience has been exactly what willnotwill describes, albeit without a box. One thing I should mention, however, is that USPS failed to deliver the last package I had shipped to a UPS Store. This was because they attempted delivery on a Saturday afternoon, by which time my UPS Store was closed. USPS and other carriers can access the mailbox room after store hours, however I don't have a mailbox there, so they had no idea what to do with the package.

    Fortunately, my email and phone number were on the package, and USPS cared enough to try calling me before returning the package to the sender ( I was able to go to the USPS distribution center and pick it up from there.

    So, if you can be bothered to time the delivery of your package, try to make sure it reaches the UPS Store on a weekday. Weekend delivery has proven to be a tad iffy. Outside of the incident above, I have had plenty of good experiences shipping to the UPS Store.

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