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Thread: Hey :3

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    Cool Hey :3

    Hello everybody
    First I wanna say something about me. At the moment I study computer science and soon I finished my first year out of 3 I am not sure if I will go on with it but I have no other option so I will go on with it ^^ I have no plans for the future so I am still at the point: What you wanna do for living?

    Why I am here?
    My girlfriend had to use diapers and since I'm anyway involved into this, though in a passive way, she mentioned that I could check out adisc.
    At first I was like uhm hm really wanna know more about adults and diapers?(I never had a problem with it because I love her more then anything else) But after such a long relationship I think it is time to learn more about it and maybe find some interesting things here.

    What are you doing in your freetime?:
    Gaming I really like it ^^ but only online games. I don't like Single player.
    Hang out with friends at shisha-bar.
    Design some 3D graphics.
    Go for a walk with my dog or "Showfight" me vs my dog ;D (After all he wants to chill and cuddle)

    Well lets see what I can find here

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    Hello zibby and welcome to the group.

    This is a very informative introduction.

    As a person with several degrees and certifications I can understand what you are saying. With all of my education and $1.69 I can get my favorite soft drink at the local market. The key is to ask yourself what you want to be doing in ten years and get as much relevant training as possible. I spent 10 years to figure out that I was the happiest in the trenches doing the down and dirty research stuff. But unfortunately by that time I had gotten out of that part and into stuff that made me miserable.

    So do what you want, but get the piece of paper that says you went to college, then have fun and never look back!

    As for the group I hope you find what you need to strengthen the relationship with your SO.

    Again welcome!

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    Thank you egor
    Yea thats what I want first this piece of paper.
    Psychology is very interesting but I need other qualifications for this. Maybe I can switch after I finished computer sience.
    Thanks again

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    As a computer scientist for almost 50 years and a professor of computer science (mainly programming and database), i say welcome. I will give you the same advice I give my students. Find a career where 80% of the time you are happy to go to work. Selecting a major because it appears to pay well only works if you really enjoy what you are doing. Life is too long to spend decades doing something that you dislike just to make a buck. People who do that wind up with ulcers and depression. Welcome to this group of basically understanding and nice people. Good luck.

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    Welcome Zibby! Sounds like your girlfriend has a wonderful man to share her interests in diapers, even if he doesn't have to. With your possible future degree in computer science and an interest in 3D design, it sounds like you would be a good game designer. Your dream job, I'm sure! Anywho, welcome again!

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    Thanks again for these nice greetings
    Well I don't know if I am wonderful but I think it is importend to talk about these "problems". To be a game designer would be great but it is really hard to get there and so expensive.
    My problem is I wanna know everything about everything ^^
    So thanks again and maybe we see us in some other threads

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    Since I haven't been greeting you so far.... welcome to adisc, Zibby! *huggles*

    Quote Originally Posted by zibby View Post
    What you wanna do for living?
    I'm sure we're able to find something, if you still got no clue after your graduation. =p

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