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Thread: Ordering from Privaitna?

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    Default Ordering from Privaitna?

    I'm sure it's been asked before but I've been looking into getting some ab clothes and the stuff on Privatina is just adorable! BUT I can't really understand anything on the site cause its not in English. Anyone order from them? How's the quality? What's your experience with them? Thanks.

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    While I have no comments on the quality of privatina stuff as I have never owned their products, they do have English on their website. You have to click the US / UK flag icon located at the top right part of the homepage.

    I have included the link below that sends you directly to their UK page with English language.

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    I've seen plenty of their stuff before and it all looks super adorable. I have no idea what the quality is like though cause I dunno if I've ever heard anyone that's actually ordered from them before so couldn't tell you about that, hopefully it's as quality as it's cute though cause that stuff they have is awesome looking.

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    I ordered a couple of times from them. The quality is very good, I never had any issues regarding materials, designs or fabrication. The footed fleece sleeper I got from them is probably the most useful piece of clothing I got at the moment in my whole wardrobe (its winter down here). On the first order they made a small mistake and when I complaint, they put me on their silver status, meaning I can order 10% cheaper now. So service the is good as well.
    Downside of course that their products are still on the expensive site, so I only get myself a gift on my birthday or Christmas once a year.


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    I haven't ordered myself, but have heard lots of good things about them. I've heard the product quality is really good.

    I definitely need to order something from them... The only thing is... I want everything! I just love the all-in-one snowsuit!

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    They rarely update the status of your order, they rarely respond to the mails you send them, they never send you a tracking code, their website feels dated and is insecure and their English is sometimes confusing. That being said, the clothes they make, they look really cute, they fit great and the quality is absolutely awesome! I never had any issues ordering from them except this one time when they didn't use the contrast colour I specified. I thought about complaining but the truth is, I liked the colour combo they chose more than the one I specified. Yes they are expensive but then again, their products are tailor made and if you're going to wear it a lot? Do try to not buy everything (clearly I didn't follow my own advise as I own seven sleepers from them and sleep in one almost every night ).

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    Hmm. Now I need to decide WHAT to get. Onesie or sleeper. I can't decide!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnd567 View Post
    Hmm. Now I need to decide WHAT to get. Onesie or sleeper. I can't decide!
    If it gets cold there I'd say sleeper. They look cuter than onesies .

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    I've ordered from them multiple times and have never had a problem! I actually had to change one of the orders after I'd finalized the purchase and they were quick and happy to respond and fix it.

    Everything being custom sized is a huge plus, and the quality of the products is top-tier! Of course they are a tad more expensive than you'll find elsewhere, but in the end I'd like to say it's worth it

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