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    So: years ago I was working in Disneyworld Florida, Orlando, on 9/11. I was staying alone in one of the townhouses, as they call them. Basically a neat little house with a mezzanine bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, sitting room. At this time my wife and I had two of our three daughters, then aged five and one. Precious little opportunity for AB wearing! That side of me had been dormant for at least a year or two.

    But as I say, it was on the day 9/11 happened. All flights were cancelled - and I live in the UK. The people I was working with hired a car the next day and drove all the way to New York .. leaving me alone in Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida. I never have learned to drive myself, so I couldn't do as they had, and anyway I saw no reason why flights in New York would be any less cancelled than those in Florida; in fact, given where it all happened, I thought it was more like;y that they would stay cancelled for longer.

    What to do? First off I went to a liquor store and bought some whisky, came back to the house and watched looped news footage of jets crashing into the Twin Towers. As I'm sure those of you who are old enough (and American enough) can remember, the first few days were a mess of rumours about firefighters trapped in the ruins, non-facts, inaccuracy: massive captions on the screen - 'America Under Attack' ... and one part of the screen was always showing those shots of the jets crashing in. I think by the second day I was mildly insane. For a couple of days I wandered around the parks, which got slowly emptier and emptier as more and more of the American visitors found alternative modes of transport to get them back home. On the third day I went into the Disney shop, thinking I might buy something to give to my kids whenever I got home, and saw these awesome dungaree shorts, or overall shorts as Americans call them. Huge denim overall shorts with Winnie the Pooh on the front. ... which as I'm sure you can imagine was a rather major trigger. There were khaki ones too. I couldn't decide which I preferred. I just wanted to wear them ...

    I didn't buy them straight away. Went back to the house, fired up my old laptop with its 56k modem, and searched to see where the nearest incontinence pants supplier was. It was about ten miles away ... so I called a taxi and went there. Bought plastic pants, nappies, a plastic bed sheet. There was a Target or a Walmart next door, and I bought a pacifier, a bib, and some colurful training shoes, then got a taxi back. I went to the Disney store and bought the denim overalls, a Winnie the Pooh tee shirt, and also one of those ponchos they sell everywhere in Disney for when it rains. An extra large one.

    I got back to the house and dressed: nappies, plastic pants, the t shirt, then the overalls. Trainers and socks. Looked in the mirror and saw a man who now looked slightly obese, and rustled faintly when he walked ... when I put on the rain poncho, the fact that i was wearing women's Winnie the Pooh overalls and nappies was completely hidden.

    And off I went into Disneyworld Florida, which by now was really almost empty. I spent a couple of days dressed pretty much permanently, wandering around the most childish park on the planet. I went to see Jurassic Park Three. There were maybe five or six other people in the auditorium ... I went to see The Others (a Nicole Kidman film about ghosts) and there was only one other person there.

    I can't remember exactly how many days it was in total. Flights were allowed after a week, give or take a day, but there was a backlog to clear and I didn't get a flight for at least three days after that. So for a week I spent most of my time in AB clothes and nappies, using, eating American junk food that felt appropriately childish. Burgers and shakes. After I'd seen a couple of men wearing Disney overalls, I became a little less shy and went out without the rain poncho a couple of times ...

    By the end of it all, I think I was slightly unhinged, to be honest. It was all too much. I could feel a very strong temptation to try and do something to make it permanent. A very strong urge to tell my wife, which as I've posted elsewhere, would certainly have been, and still would be, a bad idea. On the day I finally got confirmation that I could fly the next day, I threw everything I'd bought away. Bought some more whisky and flew home ... still feeling slightly unbalanced ...

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    I'm sure other people have done stranger things. It reads to me like a major binge of opportunity, all I can see is making the best of a bad situation

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    Like Mo said, you had an opportunity to indulge and, given the circumstances, you regressed to a more simpler time. Facing life in the adult world can be a big challenge sometimes. Sounds to me like you coped very well.

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