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Thread: Anyone have advice on introducing a SO to age-play

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    Exclamation Anyone have advice on introducing a SO to age-play


    My name's Leah. I'm not really new to the AB/DL lifestyle (i've been a sissy for about three years) but I'm at a complete loss on how to include my SO of 9 months. My SO is very open minded and we have (slightly) discussed the topic before but I'm afraid of overwhelming him. I really want to include him and he has expressed some interest. This is something that is VERY important to me and I want to at least try to share that with my SO. I truly have no idea how to proceed or to even go about asking him to be my daddy.
    Please help?

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    When you say you have slightly discussed the topic before, what do you mean by that? Something to remember is it's all in the delivery; if you make it sound like a big deal, he might be overwhelmed. If you bring it up more like "Hey, remember that stuff I told you I'm into, do you think we could maybe try it out a little sometime?" he'll probably be much more understanding.

    The important thing to remember is to start off small and work your way up. Remember how when you were a small kid and you would play "House" with the other children on the playground? That's how your first few playtimes should be. All fantasy, no reality. If you bust right out with ordering diapers and asking him how comfortable he is with you wetting/messing yourself, your train is going to stop before it even leaves the station. Just like how your first date out with your SO didn't end with marathon sex (unless it did?), your AB/DL relationship will follow a similar progression. Remember, baby steps (no pun intended!)

    Also, if you take nothing else away from this, remember, don't ask him to be your daddy as part of a formal question. During the initial roleplay sessions you can ask if it's okay to call him daddy, and referring to him as such can eventually be a permanent part of your playtime, but remember, he's not with you because you're an AB/DL, he's with you because of your "SO" side. He could perceive your asking this question as the relationship forking from being SOs to being a complete Daddy/Daughter relationship, which will turn him off to the idea. Remember, it's only overwhelming if you overwhelm him. Play it cool, and by this time next year you may well be his bouncing baby girl. I wouldn't tell you these things if it hadn't worked for me! :-)

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    Thank you so much! Your advice was perfect! We started off slowly just as you recommended and he's not only been receptive but has really been enjoying it as well. I can't thank you enough for your advice! ^.^

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    SO happy that it's working for you two. One aspect to be mindful of is on reaffirming that the "Core Relationship" is more important than either of your niche pleasures *IF* they risk becoming a deal breaker.

    That's said as to- if either of you feels the other's niche kink is endangering your bedrock love- be unafraid to openly discuss it in a "Safe Space" with an eye to keeping both of you happy as possible. There's a Honeymoon period where it's all roses but some of us hit roadbumps whilst integrating the new aspects.

    It's ALL good if it's warmly consensual . May it be so always for you.

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