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Thread: My Wife Stole my onesie's

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    Default My Wife Stole my onesie's

    So I bought a dozen cloth diapers and a dozen onsies and bibs from Baby Pants, Adult Size Baby Products. well when the box came my wife waited for me to open it them we went through opening all the packages. she was saying how she does not want to do this laundry, me saying I will gladly. So the next day everything was washed (by her) and I had 6 of the onsies hanging on my side of the closet I asked about the rest. She showed me her side of the closet where the other 6 were hanging. And then showed me how she had so nicely ripped all the tags out of my 6 so my coworkers did not see the big baby pants logo. She was very proud of herself for this.. I just laughed and said ok. I was thinking 12 was enough for a week to cover for leaks and things if I need to change in the middle of the day. But now 6 are hers. Geez I love my wife she has worn one every day since she/I got them and also now wears diapers to the store because she has something to cover it when she bends over. O and she is always doing the laundry whether onsies or diapers.

    What a woman!

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    wow now there a relationship well worked

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    To me that's a good working relationship. Keep it up and keep us informed on how it's going in the future.

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    Sound like you two will be happy together for a while.

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