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    Default Nuk Genius not gonna lie. Due to PTSD i am a compulsive hoarder. And while cleaning, i finally found my favorite paci ever, my Nuk Genius, under the bed covered in god knows what and it had to be thrown out....and they dont seem to sell them anymore. Does anybody know if there was a recall or if they just stopped making them?

    Or if I can't get a genius anymore where I can at least get a regular Nuk 3 (or similar, 18 months + size orthodontic) in silicone for relatively cheap?

    Thanks in advanced for your help.

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    I know that Dr. Brown's makes a paci very similar to the nuk genius. I believe there is an 18+ months size. You can find them at Walmart.

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    what's a NUK genius?
    is it different from other NUK pacifiers?

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    Yes, the nipple is slightly different, and the design is cool. Rather space age-y

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    I think Baby's R Us still sells the Nuk genious, or a very similar pacifier form Nubi

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