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Thread: Disposables with side padding?

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    Default Disposables with side padding?

    I was wondering if anyone knew about a disposable diaper or pull up that had padding on the sides? I tend to leak at night from the sides and I'm wondering if there's a disposable solution out there, if not I may switch to cloth.

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    Premium diapers are superior in coverage to store diapers but even still can't completely cover sides. Best you can hope for is apply the tapes as tight as possible and use underpads as another line of defense for your bedding

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    Side padding does not exist. But some premium diaper have well made leak guards that will reduce leaking when wetting on your side.
    But diapers are designed for wearers that are bed ridden and laying on thier back or patients that don't flood their diapers. If you wet a little on your side, you should not leak. If you void a full bladder, then nothing in this world will keep it in.

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    I use training pants over my disposable at night, they are a single thick layer of terry cloth inside PVC pants and they work perfectly, containing small amounts of leakage from the side of the disposable. I get mine from cosy n dry in the UK.

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    I use my cloth AIO's at night with PUL covers and during the day my premium diapers. So far have controlled the leak problem.

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    being a bed wetter I had the same problem, I use plastic pants over my diapers.

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    For my bed wetting problems I use the Dry 24/7 diapers or the Bambino Bellissimo diapers and had no leaks. I sleep on my back. I another one that also works good is the Molicare Super Plus diapers. So far I had no leaks with these diapers that I use for my overnights.

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    Protection for side-sleepers is always a challenge. A combination of a quality diaper like Abena M4 covered with a heavy training pant and covered with a pair of plastic pants may help the situation. Also a puddle pad may help so the sheets do no have to be washed all the time. Good luck.

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    I'd do these. Even works with these crappy Nightengales I gotta wear whilst my premiums are being shipped:

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