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Thread: never had a mate that understood

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    Default never had a mate that understood

    and it makes it harder to look for others based on me wearing diapers often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plevvy View Post
    and it makes it harder to look for others based on me wearing diapers often.
    The best advise I've heard on this site is to just date, to find someone you're interested in and is interested in you. If it's the right person, and they truly love you, the two of you can find some middle ground for you to wear and enjoy diapers. There are the lucky ones who find partners who participate, but they're more rare. Sometimes they meet people like that on other kinds of sites or Munches, etc.

    In my case, my wife knew I was a free spirit, and I knew she was as well. That's what brought us together. Free spirits accept a lot of things that cross the normal societal acceptance lines. She accepts me as an AB/DL and though she doesn't directly participate, she does recognize me as a toddler, and enjoys buying me "little" things. Don't give up, but keep looking.

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    you will, just keep looking. Someone will find you or you will find someone that is right for you. Be patient, you will find the right one.

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    You just have yet to find the right person.
    Be patient, trust me.
    The best things come unexpected (:

    Theres millions upon billions of people out there in the world and with so many fish in the sea there are so many options!
    Tons whom are accepting or apart of the ABDL or Furry subculture.

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    Hey there are a lot of baby furs looking for some one you have a great chance to find some one lucky you. Look at babyfur

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    Plenty of fish in the sea, just need to wait till you catch the right one.

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    My wife confessed to me about her wearing diapers a little while after we were married. I accepted it straight away, because a) i love her no matter what and b) she accepts me for much more socially unapproved activities/fetishes... so it's the least I could do... But to better understand it and to cheer her up about it, I tried wearing one, and now I've been wearing them for a week

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    *waves a paw shyly at plevy* hi hi, I didn't know u were on here. But umm yea you should totally hit me up, o have you on Skype it says your always on but never a reply, I am kinda local to you....aybr we could hang out sometime

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    Hey Plevvy *hugs* im kinda in the same boat as you are for sure. Though in my case my mate tends to just look at this as an unusual quirk of mine. there are times that he doesnt mind. So I say with the rest there is always a chance to find that special someone out there. I know I did. Ive been inactive on here for a while due to Going into the Army, but I'll start being a little more active now that training and AIT is done. Hit me up if you ever need an ear or a hug or anything else. the same to all of the rest of you crinkle-butts on here :3

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