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Thread: guilty pleasure ?

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    Default guilty pleasure ?

    ok so my guilty pleasure is,,,,, Reddy for it. i love watching icarly. I know sad right lol. so that's mine what's your guilty pleasure ?. super hugs little leo.

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    My guilty pleasure is eating protein fluff, you know mixing whey with frozen berries. It makes so much with little calories and reaaaaaaaaaally DELICIOUS!!

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    Mine is simple. I love eating ice cream at night. I've found some calorie middle ground by getting Weight Watchers sort of ice cream.

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    This stems from my childhood and is probably the reason why I'm somewhat obese, but I absolutely love Cosmic brownies. Also, I still watch the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie from time to time. Hated the show, loved the movie.

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    In your snatch fits pleasure, a broom shaped pleasure! (Tra-la-traa-la-laa)

    Just a little randomness for those of you who don't know what I am talking about, and a little random awesome for those that do. As far as guilty pleasures go, though, the tamest and least embarassing of mine would have to be this song: YouTube (green eggs and ham by moxy fruvous)

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Mine is simple. I love eating ice cream at night. I've found some calorie middle ground by getting Weight Watchers sort of ice cream.
    Heheh... Along those lines, I love eating kids' breakfast cereal at night -- Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruit Loops, etc. We buy it for me, not for the kids. Unfortunately, there's no "calorie middle ground" in this case, so when I feel the belt getting tighter I know I need to back off.

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    for one, i LOVE icarly. homg best show and im not afraid to tell anyone:3

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    lol that's nice to know thank god for that i'm free from this guilty feeling. I LOVE ICARLY! WOP WOP

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    youd be surprised how many of my guy friends ive mentioned it to and they said they liked it to.
    besides, it all kinda falls into the accepting everyone (cept rapists and murderers) view i have.
    i also like victorious

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