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Thread: Cuddlz question(only if you've shopped there)

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    Default Cuddlz question(only if you've shopped there)

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced problems with your purchase being shipped??? it's been 16 days since i bought one of their onesies and cloth diapers and i haven't seen it show up. Could it of gone to the post office?? i'm not really sure how the post office works.

    Thanks for anyone that can offer a helping hand. c:

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    I bought Drydayz from Cuddlz about three months ago ago and delivery was swift.
    You could phone them?
    I would hate to think that this DL supplier of Bambino equvalents is no longer there for us in the UK

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    I have bought a few items from Cuddles, they may not be the fastest when it comes to a delivery time but they have been 100% reliable in my case. I would give them a ring or send them an E-Mail with your order number.

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    I'm in Canada and my onesie took about a week to arrive....

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    I have waited a full 8 weeks for international shipment. I live in the US and shipping from Germany can and will take some patience.

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