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Thread: I had THE most amazing dream last night

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    Default I had THE most amazing dream last night

    This was probably the best dream I've ever had, and not just for personal meaning, but also for detail. It was in high-def colour with surround sound. Honestly, it was like I was there. It's all abou the Arby's I worked at for 2 and a half years. I've had some of my best, and some of my worst memories there.
    Anyway: (Names have been changed to protect identities)

    I "woke up" on the side of a snow bank. There's two people walking around near me, but they don't notice me. I look at them. It's a man and woman. They seem to be really excited, and they keep kissing eachother and starring at something. I get up and look at what they're starring at. It's an Arby's. The Arby's I used towork in, in fact. And it looks completely real, even now thinking back on the dream, the level of detail was amazing. But somethings different about it. There are some giant letters on the building that spell out the name of a something. It says something like "Mary and Celeste's Diner", but I can't be too sure because I didn't get a good look. The letters looked to be in the process of being taken down.

    I look up at the giant sign next to the building. **GRAND OPENING** it says. Wait. That can't be right. Arby's has been open since 1993. I look at a paper sign in the window of the front door. "Arby's is now open!" it says. This is crazy. They're still kissing, and now they're getting even more excited. They playfully push each other into the snow. I walk up to them and ask, "Do you know what year it is?" They just look at me funny, so I walk away. So I start looking for the date. I spy a calender or sign or something that basicaly tells me that it is indeed sometime in November, 1993.

    It suddenly dawns on me that I just traveled back in time. That couple could have been Harry (the guy who owns the Arby's in my town) and his wife, getting all excited about starting a franchise and opening the new restoraunt. They're still froliking in the snow, so I leave them alone. I peer in through the window. It still looks the same as it will fourteen years from now, but it definately looks cleaner. There's a girl in there that I don't recognise scrambling about and trying to get the place ready for customers. But then I see one of my old managers. Her name is Lacy, and when she was my boss, she was fat as a cow (has to do with working at a fast food joint for 1 and a half decades), but in the past (or rather, dream) she's a lot thinner and younger, though still kinda chubby. She's wandering around, checking stuff off on a cliffboard.

    I open the door and let myself in. Neither of them notice me, so I go into the kitchen. Still, no one notices me. It's a small kitchen, and it's well stocked. I go down the stairs into the basement, where we'd keep all our supplies, hold the manager's office (a broom closet), and the staff room. Immediately downstairs, though, the quietness and the cleanliness of the upstairs is broken by the piles of boxes and the people rushing about. The place is really disorganised. There's a girl rushing about, and I spy two teenage boys about 15 or 16 trying to put their uniform shirts on in all the chaos. The familliar sound of clinking change comes from the manager's office down the hall. Whoever's in there is counting money. I can't see in there, but I just know it's another of my old managers, Agatha Gremlin (not her real name).

    I stop the two boys before they can get up the stairs. I start up a conversation with them; how they feel about working here, what they think of place, ect. This is their first job, and they're excited about being a part of the grand opening. I can't remember the exact conversation with them, it's starting to slip my mind, but I remember it was in a lot of detail. I can still recall what they looked like. One had spikey blonde hair and pimples. The other had olive skin and brown/black hair. I do know that eventualy they got suspicious about me, so I spilled the beans.
    "I'm from the future," I tell them. "The year 2008. I think I'm the first person ever to travel back in time. 'Course, that's hard to tell because how would you know if anyone ever traveled back in time? I have no idea how I did it, either. I just woke up outside in the snow."
    They, of course, only partially believe me.
    "I used to work here - or, will work here."
    "Yeah, and if you don't believe me, I can prove it to you. I know how to make all the sandwiches."
    "Oh yeah."

    Eventualy they start to believe me more, and we start talking about the future. We got so caught up in our conversation, and so excited, and we were pretty loud. A voice from the manager's office screeched "WOULD EVERYONE JUST BE QUIET FOR ONCE?! THE PEOPLE WHO OWN THIS PLACE ARE TRYING TO PROVIDE A QUIET ENVIRONMENT FOR THE CUSTOMERS!!!!" Yep, that's Agatha.

    There's one question that stands out in my mind from our convo.

    "You guys ever hear of something called 'The Internet'?" I ask them. They look at each other and shake their heads. "Well, it's gonna be the next big thing, and everyone's gonna want it."
    "Where do we get one?"
    I think I told them to invest in it or prepare themselves for it or something.

    After a while they had to go upstairs and start working, so I said goodbye. Before they could leave, though, I stopped them.
    "Could you guys do me a favour? Call the Taylor's (not my real name) house and tell him to make sure their son gets into sports and weight lifting and stuff." It was just a joke though. They laughed and headed upstairs.

    I sighed. It sure was cool to travel through time. I got up to leave. There was a thousand things I could do while I was in the past. A thousand things. I had a lot of fun ahead of me. I headed upstairs.

    I don't remember what happened next, but I think someone hit me on the back of the head with a pan. I was "knocked out", and I left the past the same way I came in.

    I immediately woke up from the dream and wrote it down as fast as I could.

    Thanks for reading that wall of text.

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    Don't you hate it when you wake up and realize that none of it actually happened?

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    Ooo oo I just woke up from a dream (Thats what MLK was going to say originally)

    Anyways, so I was in some building, and there was like a couple other people there...I didn't realize until later that I was a girl in this dream...Ok, so there was like this guy with a gun harassing me and this other person, and like suddenly, there was this evil black skeleton thing at the window down the hall (we were like in the hallway of some nice hotel)...And like we all ducked down, and the skeleton thing like wanted to kill me I guess...So like it started firing bullet things at me...And like the guy with the gun (I think it was him) started protecting me or something...And like the bullets kind of went through his hand...Eventually the guy had to like save the other person from dying using some necklace things or something...Then the skeleton used his evil powers things (he's still at the same place), and like my hand got ripped off...And a little later my foot got ripped off...And then I started like fighting him...I like stood up and I had like powers too or something, and like I was firing blue energy thingies at him...And the battle ended with some attack from me, where I shot like some green arrow, and the guy who was protecting me fired at shot when the skeleton's hat looking thing (that I blew off with the arrow) started to reattach, and it like killed the skeleton...After the battle my arms and legs were just bone, and like I had two heart attacks during the fight apparently, because I collapsed with saying "the human body sure can take a lot"

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    Nice dream!

    I should really start writing down my dreams in the morning so I can remember them better...

    Last night I dreamt that I took some heroin (or at least I injected myself with something), with some friends. But we were on a wooden raft that was going down a river, although the scenery around the river was more like an industrial setting... with buildings near by that you wouldn't get with a river, it was more like a canal expect the river was fairly rough and the raft moved quickly.
    There were two people on the raft having sex, one of them was me, I think. Meanwhile I was talking to a friend, we were sitting at the front of the raft. I mentioned the river and I think I expressed concern about falling in, and my friend started laughing saying how fucked up it was. It was clear that we weren't really on a raft at all, and we certainly weren't moving.
    Come to think of it, the raft had a rug on it...

    It was weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charlie F View Post

    Last night I dreamt that I took some heroin (or at least I injected myself with something),
    Haha me also! and I started to feel placebo effects in my dream but then it got really scary, I had an incredible hard time breathing and I woke up because I needed to breathe, I suppose maybe I was laying in a wierd position.

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