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Thread: ohh @#$%

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    Default ohh @#$%

    So I decided to wear to work and one girl I know decided to hit my butt. She had a strange.look on her face and I instantly said "oh hey, you made me realize my wallet was in the wrong.pocket". Hoping she would think she hit it.... I don't know. I'm sure it was a lame excuse.. I think she knows... what should I do????

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    If she hasn't said anything about it, I wouldn't say a word about it. If no one has said anything about it, move on and don't ever mention it.

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    If they don't ask...just ignore it...

    She may very well think it was something else or even your ic you never know...but Abdl won't be in the top 100 choices...


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    What is it with all of the butt touching at work recently? Can't people keep their hand's to themselves?

    I agree with the others. Don't do or say anything.

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    Like the others if nothing was said don' worry about it.

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    I have several co-workers who have slapped my butt over the years, luckily no one has ever noticed or said anything.

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    thanks, well i don't know what it is with all the girls at work. I'm just their target i guess. Probably because I don't hit on them so they go out of the way towards me. Its getting really old though.

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