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    was wondering is their a brand that stay cooler then others for the only time i can wear my diapers are at night and i tend to overheat so am wondering if theres any cooler brands

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    Do you lay on your stomach or back? I know that I sweat more if I lay on my stomach. Laying on my back is a pretty good way to alleviate most sweating. Also open your window.

    The only thing I can think of as far as what type diaper to use, I'd say cloth backed are cooler then plastic backed.

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    Get some baby powder, it is the best thing ever invented. It helps with sweating, and just makes everything so much more comfortable.

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    going a size up helps.
    or use less/no blankets. in addtion to that, fleece blankets work well as blankets and mattress covers in reducing sweatiness and heat.

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    Use what I mostly use: Attends Slip Regular M10 - these have cloth-only sidepanels and plastic center section.
    Very comfy, well working and yet discrete.
    The Side panels don't have ANY plastic on them - making them a lot less sweaty...

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    A thinner diaper if you can get away with it, ones that have the least amount of plastic in them. Baby powder, corn starch type, not talc . I also use a fan blowing on me.

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