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Thread: Getting Rid of the Crinkle

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    Default Getting Rid of the Crinkle

    I used to only wear in goodnights with stuffers in public because they were quiet but goodnights no longer fit me. I want to be able to wear regular diapers with tapes in public as my bladder issues have now made diapers not just for fun but necessary when away from the house for a while. But regular plastic diapers are so loud, I'm wondering how to best cut down the sound of them. If there is a thread for this already you can point me there, I couldnt find one.

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    I've never found plastic diapers to be particularly loud but it may depend on what you wear over them. I find jersey boxer shorts with jeans tend to mask any small sound they make. Hope this helps.

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    Tight fitting boxers over them.

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    I agree with all the above, Cloth backed is the best way to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cauthon View Post
    Cloth backed diapers are nice and quiet when worn under jeans.
    I think that's a pretty effective strategy. I use that instead of underwear. The material does not get too hot, in the crinkle is virtually undetectable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by incontinentGM24 View Post
    I think that's a pretty effective strategy. I use that instead of underwear. The material does not get too hot, in the crinkle is virtually undetectable.
    Once again Tapatalk besides the highlight the wrong post so I'm sorry to the person whose idea I was actually bounceding off of

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    Spandex bike shorts over diapers. Really though as you get used to wearing real diapers you will not care after a while. Diapers do not make a sound that is noticeable to anyone but you. Bladder issues kind of trump embarrassment as far as reality is concerned anyway.

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    For me, jeans or jean shorts have always been able to mask the sound when I don't want people to hear my diapers/goodnites. Otherwise, I really like the crinkle for baby purposes

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    In most situations, most diapers won't make enough noise that anyone else will notice- ok- maybe loose-fitting extra crinkly diapers in a perfectly silent room with a significant other or family member/friend may not be a great idea, but the real issue is your self-consciousness about it. If you are really uncomfortable with it, wear swishy synthetic pants, or a rain jacket- that way you can convince yourself that if anyone hears crinkling, they will attribute it to what you are wearing on the outside. Or give yourself 5 or 10 years of being a DL to get over the paranoia Some diapers are more crinkly than others, but what really contributes to the noise is looseness- wear them tight, or wear tight undies over them, or wear a onesie, or wear some jeans and no one will ever notice.

    PS- I can hear you crinkle from all the way over here-- "Is someone wearing a diaper!!!!" Just kidding ;-)

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