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Thread: Ever Have a Shy Bladder at HOME?

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    Default Ever Have a Shy Bladder at HOME?

    I know it's pretty common to have a shy bladder while using a public restroom, but ever have trouble going in your toilet at home? I often do, particularly when I first get out of bed. But if I start singing in my head (usually The Beatles' "All Together Now ) I usually start to pee.

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    hey there. no just public restrooms for me. I just can't pee!. every sins i was a little boy i just stand there trying to think about thing that will make me pee. thank god for nappies hu. big hugs little leo

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    Sometimes I do. Usually it's when I'm stressed out about something. In public restrooms, it used to be really bad. Actually, what helps me is closing my eyes and imagining I'm wearing a diaper. Then I find myself able to go. But I sometimes get it at home.

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    I notice if I'm stressed and when I go into the bathroom to make people think I'm going (sometimes I get a residual urge after the morning flood and I don't want anyone to suspect I'm using diapers instead of the bathroom) it's more difficult to produce, OTOH I've gotten sort of where I can't hold it as easily later in the day, which can make changing a matter of having good timing

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    Yeah, I've always had this problem. It pretty much always takes me at least 7 or 8 seconds to go, no matter where I am. Sometimes it'll take me a minute or longer. In public restrooms, even in a stall sometimes, it can take me more than 5 minutes to get anything happening. ><
    I do have some neurological issues though, so I'm sure it's related.

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    I've found that if I've been laying down all night, asleep, I often have to stand and move around before I even feel like I have to go. I think it can be the laying down for hours that may be causing it. As males, we're wired to go standing up. Girls might be a bit different of course.

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    There is nothing shy about my bladder, when the urge hits time to go.

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    Familiarity with a toilet trumps shy bladder for me so I can go easily at home or in one specific bathroom at uni which is a bonus.

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    I can have a bit of a "shy bladder" at times in a public restroom, but such a thing has never been an issue while using the toilet in my home.

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