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    ok, so this just happened. I was reading the thread about spouses reactions, and someone linked to Baby Mitchy's you tube vid. I started to watch it, (new browser window opens for youtube to play.) After a few minutes I see, to my horror, that the account is not mine, but rather the last person who used my laptop to log into gmail. Who, in this case, happens to be my real estate agent that I go to church with. #thatakwardmoment. So, with the next time he goes to youtube show that vid in like things you watched last? or will it be gone, since I logged him out??? Does it depend on his personal settings?

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    yes, YouTube will remember what you watched, and even make recommendation.
    if you notice that your on someone else's account, you can remove videos from the a list, so it does not make recommendation.
    you only have to go to view History and delete the videos.

    Does it depend on his personal settings? maybe
    if he chose to let YouTube not register his history.

    if it was one video I don't thing YouTube will make any recommendation.
    and if he find one video he will likely not thing it was you who watched on his account. because he for got to log out from your pc,
    I thing he will not remember that he didn't log out.
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    Youtube will make recommendations for videos you've watched only if you watch stuff like that a few times, I believe.

    But, your real estate agent won't see the video and immediately think it's from you, I'm sure.

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    Firstly, YouTube will only start to recommend videos after you have watched aproximatly five with the same or similar tags attached to them however with one tag watched it will slightly refine the searchers made, meaning if you’ve watched one about adult cribs, and then search for just cribs any videos with adult cribs will be slightly higher on the returned list.
    Secondly, the video will be saved in the recently watched videos however most people who look though that list aren’t really reading though all the videos more just looking for one they want to re-watch IE a music video or something and so they skim the titles not really reading them.
    If he does spot the video in the list it is unlikely he will think it was you who watched it, unless you have dropped hints about your AB/DL lifestyle without thinking IE with body language or the likes, if this is the case i would be willing to bet that he will not mention it as he will be too engrossed in keeping your custom and thus keeping his commission on sales.
    They best think you can do is forget about it and ignore that it happen, if he does confront then play dumb.

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