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Thread: Anyone into Nudism/Naturalism?

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    Default Anyone into Nudism/Naturalism?

    I find that when I'm home alone I like to go all out and just be nude in my house until I have to go somewhere or whenever I need clothes. It's very relaxing, but I also find there's a regressive side to it.

    I did it today when my mom had to go to the doctor's and since it was going to take an hour, I decided to come home. Well I used my pacifier while nude, and honestly, I felt regressed in a sense. Granted, I didn't have a diaper on, but I did feel little.

    Is there anyone else out there that take part in nudism?

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    not really in public, although i don't have any hang-ups stripping off in public; i used to, but i think that having [had] a decently honed body and having seen the variety of different body shapes around (no pun intended, or is there? ), i just sorta got over it.
    'over it' to the extent that i was shocked that a female friend was shocked by my stripping off in a uni-sex public changing room.

    further to the insecurities of nakedness, i think that when UK TV used to show Sumo also alleviated many of the insecurites one would have about one's body shape/fitness.
    Chiyonofuji was one of my faves and nobody's going to pinch his chips, even with his 'beer belly':

    and i saw similar likenesses around me in my everyday: brawly, brutish, chubby men with muscles beneath. and when you see what such men can do, you care less about prettiness and appreciate worth for it's worthiness, regardless of it's form.

    as a public thing, a hobby, i don't agree with it. and this is simply because [anglo-saxon] people's hygiene just isn't up to placing thier uncovered backsides on public/communal furniture.

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    I hate being nude. I have low self-esteem and hate my body. I'll take off all my clothes long enough to shower, and that's about it.

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    I love being nude. I love going to public spas and I'm hunting for a nude beach for when I move to California in July. I've never been to one, but I'd love to go!

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    never liked it... without some clothe on I fell - uhm , well, like naked? and I'm not especially fond of being naked.
    my body is in a very decent shape (work out a lot, and watch my eating habits) - I like my body and apereance. I'm not ashamed - and I certainly have no problem taking the shirt off,,, but going entirely naked is just not my thing - i feel too exposed.
    -Also I'm not to fond of seeing anyones private parts in general - unless it's my gf

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    Me and my fiancee are, though me moreso (she's physically uncomfortable being naked for too long). We've been wanting to go to a nude beach for a few years now though we've yet to get around to it. There's also a nice looking nudist resort about an hour from her home.

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    Well it doesn't have to be public nudity (I'm not a public nudist). I'm only a private nudist.

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    I love it when it's warm enough to walk around the house naked! It feels so free and innocent, so I also find myself regressing slightly. I'd love be able to do it more often, but it's usually too cold and I have to shut the curtains to avoid scaring the neighbours, which makes it a bit dark and gloomy inside.

    I reallllly wouldn't feel comfortable being naked around others though (unless I knew and trusted them and they were fairly open-minded and we were somewhere private), and I wouldn't be too keen on seeing anyone else with their clothes off -- I wouldn't know where to look!

    It wouldn't bother me to see people sunbathing (or even strolling around) so long as they kept their distance and didn't wave anything in my face. I feel really sorry for this bloke, who's been sentenced to another eleven months in prison, having already spent 5 years inside for his belief that the human body is not aesthetically offensive. It's crazy that people should get so worked up about such things. :-/

    BBC News - 'Naked rambler' Stephen Gough jailed for flouting Asbo

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    I have skinny dip't be for. I was 21 it was about 6:00pm on a beach. It feel't like i was a kid again very funny running around nude. I have no problem with being naked. little leo

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    I sleep nude. That's about as far as I go when it comes to being naked.

    I'm thin, so I don't care too much about my body. I hate people seeing my arms, legs, and chest, so I try to have those covered up. If I'm alone, I don't care too much.

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