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Thread: A wild shido appears *plays pokemon music*

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    Red face A wild shido appears *plays pokemon music*

    *waves shyly* hiya I'm new here...well duh. I go by the name shido, I'm a babyfur! my fursona is a hairless chinese crested pup. It's funny to think a couple years ago I didn't know this world existed.

    hmmm how did I get into diapers,let's see. Well I would draw my fursona in em all the time. I found it very cute!! The bows, the frilly dresses, the just all screamed cute little princess. I met a diaperfur Titan ( my ex-boyfriend ) after talking to him, I discovered people actually wear these in real life!!! This blew my mind, you mean... I can actually be as cute as my fursona???

    him being a diaperfur, he only saw diapers as sexy...while I saw them as cute. I have nothing against that...It's just not where my mindset is...hmmm getting off topic. so ta-dah I was introduced to diapers!! of course I soon started to collect pacis,bottles and wut not.

    hmm things I like...well I love plushies...I use to have over 200 but when I moved, had to give a lot away...oh well let's talk about non baby hobbies ha ha ha!!

    well I'm a artist, not a very good one, but I do like to draw. I have a over active imagination and I love to share it with the world thru art!! I'm currently making a comic about diapered super heros and...ah no...not talking about diapers lol!!

    anime and manga!! I've loved anime since I was in middle school!! I think I started crossplaying just shy of highschool. oh if you don't know what that is...cosplay means costume play. dressing up as a anime,manga, game character and acting like em. it's fun! so crossplay is cosplay but with crossdressing involved!! I think I make a pretty boy XD <3

    I also love to play video games, tho I suck at it!! I love music and animals!! I'm currently kennel manager at a clinic. I have social anxiety so dealing with people is hard sometimes, so I prefer the company of animals work XDD

    I came to this website to make lots of friends!!!ok...I think that's all XDD <3

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    Hello Shido and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice introduction.

    I to like animals and was an animal handler for 19 years. I agree about preferring the company of animals over some humans.

    Again welcome to the group.

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