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Thread: one of My favorite AB activate when its a rainy day :)

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    Default one of My favorite AB activate when its a rainy day :)

    i don't like rainy days

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    Neat. I'll settle for coloring.

    Me with an airbrush while regressed: "i drawed a pretty picture. Paint is everywhere on the wall, and .... myself. Oopsy...

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    arr thanks that's really kind of you its just some i do for fun when its a boring day. Helps to get all my big boy problems out of my mind its super good fun!. big hugs little leo

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    I like that sounds fun! but not shore if my land lord would like it lol. super big hugs. little leo

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    goodness your a wonderful artist!! with a airbrush too??? super cute!!!! <3

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    I thought this was going to be about racing raindrops on the window...

    You've got real skill there - make sure you nurture it!

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    Cool man amazing art! I own noobs on my ps3 when it rains! Muuhahahaaa!

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